[88] From 2003 through 2008, the High School achieved Adequate Yearly Progress each school year. [31] The ranking is based on the last 3 years of student academic achievement as demonstrated by PSSAs results in: reading, writing, math and science and the three Keystone Exams (literature, Algebra 1, Biology I) in high school. Abington Heights High School could not have prepared me better for college. [201], Newton-Ransom School achieved a score of 80.4 out of 100. In Algebra 1/Math, 86% showed on grade level mathematics skills. In 2013–14, 76% of the students were reading on grade level in grades 3rd-4th. Keystone Exams replace the PSSAs for 11th grade. [89], In 2013, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania changed its high school assessments to the Keystone Exams in Algebra 1, Reading/literature and Biology1. In mathematics, 62% of 4th grade students showed on grade level skills. The program was funded from 2006–2009. [438] This was the second year Chester Upland School District was the top recipient. Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement. [147], Abington Heights Middle School achieved 89.1 out of 100. The exams were administered in the Spring of each school year. [331] The dispersement did not follow the new Basic Education Fair Funding formula which had been established by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in June 2015. (0% below basic). In the Spring of the school year, the 3rd graders take the PSSAs in math and reading. For the district, the students per FTE teacher ratio is 16:1. The plan became law in June 2016 (House Bill 1552). Abington Heights Middle School PSSA mandated testing results were: 76% of students in 8th grade were on grade level in reading, while just 39% of students demonstrated on grade level in mathematics. The base index is the average of the percentage increase in the statewide average weekly wage, as determined by the PA Department of Labor and Industry, for the preceding calendar year and the percentage increase in the Employment Cost Index for Elementary and Secondary Schools, as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. Department of Labor, for the previous 12-month period ending June 30. SPP 75.9 points out of 100. [387] After the review of the information, the district was not required to implement any of the recommended cost savings changes. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there were three teacher union strikes in 2010; one teacher union strike in 2011, one teacher union strike in 2012 and three teacher union strikes in 2013. [305] By 2013, reserves held by Pennsylvania public school districts, as a whole, had increased to over $3.8 billion. 3,452 pupils (2012). [318][319][320], For the 2017–18 school year, Abington Heights School District received an increase to $6,356,677 in Basic Education Funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The public is able to access this meeting through cable broadcasts on the government channels; Comcast 15/Verizon 24 and Abington's CAM Facebook page. 141", "Chester County district leads statewide Honor Roll 2016", "What makes up a district's School Performance Profile score? These contracts must be in writing and are subject to public disclosure under the state's Right to Know Act. Eligibility to participate is set by school board policies. The District's Verbal Average Score was 548. [294] The Pennsylvania School Boards Association collects and maintains statistics on salaries of public school district employees in Pennsylvania. In 4th grade science, 88% of the pupils demonstrated on grade level understanding.[226]. [280], In September 2014, the School Board and teachers reached a contract agreement. For the 2008–09, school year the district received $73,625 for a total of $478,732. All requests must be made in writing. 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