2017 is really the year of security, with Fintech, Healthware and cryptocurrency entering the API and app space quickly and with a big impact. One of the primary problems that software encounters is security, and many organisations can't always combat the bad guys. What jobs can I do with a Software Engineering Degree? Read more about Women in the Software Engineering field. Silicon Valley is one. However, few see the situation as a bubble. In practical terms, this means people that have some programming ability, general technical knowledge, very developed testing skills, and probably the ability to teach testing to others," explains software tester Justin Rohrman of Excelon Development. If you ask different people, you will get different answers (i.e. Geography is another career consideration. If you don't incorporate testing into your development, then you struggle to succeed as a developer. RSpec) or in ReactJs/NodeJs (Jest/Mocha) is a pivotal habit that many graduate developers don't understand or use as part of their development process. In fact, the software industry is one of those sectors of contemporary times that witnesses a constant change in its practices because of the growing software technologies. Even when the job market was the tightest, companies struggled to fill software engineering positions. Startups and giants alike have innovative ways of locating talent. In some fields, it's difficult to land that first position, even when positions go unfilled. Females are one pipeline focus. At times the potential can seem limitless – in a world where Microsoft can fund a smartphone app to diagnoses malaria. There is a strong chance that you've heard of Javascript before (unless you're living under a rock), and there is a good reason the language is so discussed. you can run Android both on a phone, tablet). It's true that the highest salaries go to those who have proven themselves out in the field. This quora post is a great start to know what to learn. All Rights Reserved. But a person doesn't necessarily have to have experience to be sought after. Of course BLS figures tell a limited story. A 30% increase in demand for software developers over the course of the 2010 - 2020 decade: 28% in applications and 32% in systems. One Silicon Valley company offered ca… Additional Online BS programs include Software Engineering, IS, Data Analysis, Information Security, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Game Programming and more. Prospects should be best for candidates who are up on the latest languages and tools. Software development goes far beyond web development. That's why we all love technology, right? No other language has this tremendous advantage, and it's unlikely to change soon. They certainly have their differences and this post is great starting point to make a comparison. Of course, with languages and platforms constantly evolving, there’s something to be said just for having technological smarts and people savvy. PC World lists the following among the best cities for IT: Houston, Washington DC, Columbus, Detroit, Philadelphia, Edison, NJ, and Boston. It's true that the highest salaries go to those who have proven themselves out in the field. Applications break all the time, and minimising this risk is crucial to product success. reactions. If you are thinking of entering the technology industry, a current bootcamp students or recent grad, or even an experienced technologist, you'll want to keep your eye on these 6 areas that I predict will shape technology in the near future. Check out reviews and explore bootcamps like Coder Factory Academy on SwitchUp. Testing is highly critical when it comes to development, yet many teams and developers don't test enough - or for that matter, even understand testing. According to the Road to VR publication, the demand for developers with VR skills has gone up by approximately 37% year after year, with this number continuing to rise as companies such as Facebook, Apple, Walt Disney Company, General Dynamics, Samsung and many large and small players continue to increase their VR departments.

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