You can almost hear him smile on the opening line: "Spent forty-eight dollars last night at the county fair / I throwed out my shoulder but I won her that teddy bear." He doesn't understand a word but he finds himself singing along by the second chorus. Browse Music . It was one of three consecutive singles released from "A Place in the Sun" to top the country charts. "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools" (2015). "Funny the things you thought you'd never miss," he sings, "in a world gone crazy as this." The stadium-rocking chorus lays it on a little thick, but the scrappy guitar solo more than makes up for it. "I never had no one I could count on," he sings in that opening verse. The appeal of this mid-tempo country-rock ballad begins with the title, continuing country's longstanding tradition of clever wordplay in the title. But he gets the tone right – more bittersweet man out of time reading "Street Slang For Dummies" than raging cantankerous coot. This soaring, emotional ballad originally charted for critic's darling Rodney Crowell, who wrote it with Will Jennings. And the understated orchestration does the rest. This soaring duet with his wife remains his highest-charting Hot 100 entry. It's a delicate balance, especially for a country performer, to show your support for the troops and the sacrifice required of those troops while slipping in a subtle anti-war theme. Album Premiere: Sean McConnell, self-titled, Watch the Musical Moments of the 2015 Oscars, Radio on the TV: U2, Lady Gaga, Brian Williams and More. “I mean, the song’s gotta win and that’s just the way I am. Tim McGraw. McGraw's first country No. But McGraw puts it out there with heart and conviction. Then, the drums kick in and the song settles into a countrified power-pop groove as McGraw spins a yarn about a Spanish girl who "tipped the DJ to play her favorite song / A Spanish little number that was a-rockin' on strong." McGraw's delivery nails the essence of this aching love song sent out to the one that got away, especially the scene in which she walks up with a new guy ("So I told you that I was happy for you / And given the chance, I'd lie again"). 1 song “I Called Mama” is just another perfect example of that. Read Full Biography. Tim McGraw's songs: Listen to songs by Tim McGraw on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by Tim McGraw Complete song listing of Tim McGraw on This wistful ballad is sent out to a former flame who didn't share his wanderlust and chose the only world she'd ever known over living the life of adventure/escape he so desperately craved. And the opening line is brilliant: "I know how to hold a grudge / I can send a bridge up in smoke." It's a tear-jerker, naturally – probably more so for actual fathers of actual daughters. It sounds like the sort of thing Solomon Burke might have covered in his later years. "I don't know what it meant," he admits. And there's a chilling pregnant pause after he sings "Like me and you" that makes it that much more effective. 7 on the country charts. And it's more sweet than clingy, setting the tone with "Gotta hold on easy as I let you go / Gonna tell you how much I love you though you think you already know / I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm / You've had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born." Modern honky-tonk singer who embraced everything from Southern rock to adult contemporary, gaining one of the biggest country audiences of the 2000s. It sounds like it was meant to be the sort of song a newly married couple chooses for their first dance. -- Grade: B, Rolling Stone: 3 stars out of 5 -- "Per usual, the character studies shine brightest. McGraw's delivery really sells the pathos and the hope of the narrator's story, sighing "You ain't gotta dig too deep if you want to find some dirt on me / But I'm learning who you've been ain't who you've gotta be." The latest in a long, successful line of duets he's recorded with his wife, Faith Hill. You’ve gotta realize people are living vicariously through these songs, so you can’t get stuck on what’s about you.”.

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