Its label says it’s made in China, but make no mistake that this is a reliable guitar and an All-American classic. From acoustic to semi-hollow body guitars every manufactured product in this company shines out bright compelling players to innovate every day. Patterned after Gretsch’s renowned 6120 model, this guitar features a laminated maple body, back, and sides. However, guitars are capricious (just as players) so there’s a high chance that you’ll have to replace guitar parts and spend some extra cash on it. This makes hollow-body guitars a rare, yet special breed. Its simple yet attractive body consists of a basswood body with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard to deliver superb clarity and a powerful tone when you strum its strings. Please log in again. The George Benson Signature guitar, the best-selling Ibanez archtop of all time,  is another custom made archtop that was designed for a famous player and currently on the market. Slim and comfortable Artcore set-in neck 17th fret joint to provide comfortable access to higher notes. High density is responsible for excellent sustain levels and it also makes guitar less vulnerable to scratches and dents. Hollow-body guitars were first created in the 1930s. Nowadays, we have the power of amplifiers and electric pickups to achieve a great level of loudness. Yorktown Tab by Cort carries those same high-level fundamentals with the vintage style to attract professionals. The versatile sound and comfortable build allow playing anything from jazz to rock. After all, this is the guitar brand that’s known for shred machines like the RG and S series, not to mention the original 7-string designs. They are better suited for distorted sounds, that’s why they are used by jazz guitarists such as John Scofield and rock guitarists such as Dave Grohl. Their long-time rival is Gibson introduced the first solid-body electric guitar. Since its original release, the Jazzmaster has undergone some mild renovations, but across the board, the sound, style, and tone of this guitar is very much the same as it was more than sixty years ago. From producing classic to deep complex sound this guitar is the best option for elevating your string game. Maple is also known to make the overall sound crispier, brighter, and with more resonance. AF75T semi-acoustic electric guitar features a select grade maple top, back and sides to output that typical Artcore series look. Single cutaway semi-hollow body acoustic design outputs that hotshot look that guitarists love to play with. Cort has it all, 50 years of experience, detailed know-how and desire of refining make this company the talk of the town. The best quality guitars under $500 are typically made with materials like alder, poplar, paulownia, or basswood. However, after proper research, I have found the 3 Best Hollow-Body Guitars Under $500, so here goes: It is incredible how many guitars on this list and most lists out there have models from the Ibanez Artcore Series. At the same time, the simple design and easy-to-handle approach of this instrument make it a great fit for beginners or students who are just starting to dip their toes into the world of jazz guitar. A particular clear tone with noticeable warmth and depth you might not find on other guitars. When buying a guitar for the first time, there are a few bits of equiptment you may wish to invest in, to help. So, if you are a beginner, do prepare to spend many hours reading, researching the basics and getting to know the tiniest differences between the instruments. The Dot is a classic, but given the choice I'd spend the few extra bucks on the ES-335 PRO. The Ibanez JSM100 takes its inspiration from the iconic jazz guitarist John Scofield. When strings are played this pickup capture the vibrations and convert them into an electrical signal. The first semi-hollow body in the series ES-335 gained a lot of audiences but its bulky weight wasn’t preferred by many guitarists on stage. 4th generation Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups. It enables them to cut the cost of production and make a profit. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know my goal is to help you to find the right gear without dropping too much cash. “You get what you pay for” is a saying that holds up in the guitar world. If you are a professional performer, a collector, or you simply need those extra features that you can only get from more expensive electric guitars, sure you can budget more money for one. Semi electro-acoustic sound is achieved by the innovative ML bracing along with comfortable 2.25” body. Yeah…I know…these are not “traditional” jazz guitars. Classic rocker-II pickups are the heart of this semi-hollow body instrument. From blues to jazz this guitar can handle all tortures you throw at it. An excellent guitar … My name is Max Hudson, born and raised in Chicago. The thru-body neck extends through the entire length of the body making strings, fretboard, pickup, and bridge lie on the same ground. semi hollow body guitars are lighter in weight, which makes them easier to carry around on stage and in the studios. It is easy on the pocket but serious when it comes to producing the best sound. The Artcore series is somewhat of a dark horse compared to the guitars in the Epiphone lineup, but if you dig Ibanez, or just want something different from Epiphone, you can’t go wrong here. Bridge: Tune-O-Matic. Instead of medium jumbo frets, you get full jumbo frets for maximum shredding. But they retain some of that acoustic tone, and sound great clean or with a bit of smooth overdrive. Copyright Jazz Guitar Online 2020 © All rights Reserved. This string instrument is equipped with dual LB-1 little bucker pickups which hold same quality like original smaller size humbucking pickups. Semi unfilled are just full of harmonic richness. Some music players are also of the opinion that these guitars offer the best versatility as compared to the other three types in the discussion. It sounds as good as it looks. If you are a vintage Telecaster fanatic, let me tell you what you’ve been missing your whole life! Why We Liked It - With classic rocker II pickups, single cutaway semi-hollow electric design and separate volume/tone control this string instrument give you the best for your investment. The versatile sound allows you to play any genre you please. Some might find the neck a bit too thick. Some owners report quality issues with the newer models. If you’re looking for a versatile guitar, with a warm sound and a lot of clarity, then the Ibanez PM200 is a great option. By the way, this one is for tough guys: Fender Custom Shop 1958 Jazzmaster Closet Classic. The Thinline Telecaster is something else altogether. What you need to pay attention to is the guitar’s construction and tonewoods. Epiphone Les Paul: 6 Alternatives to Gibson . In the era of 1930s, players were facing difficulties while performing with guitars as the overall volume wasn’t even close to other instruments. The noise-free pickups are arguably the best on the market and work to eliminate the buzzes and hums. Read the reviews, research the brands, but after – go to the guitar store and try every instrument with your own hands. + Wilkinson machines heads provide superior tuning stability and accuracy. Not everyone likes the pickups, but these can be replaced by better options, Classic, old-school look with a lightweight feel, Some of the finer craftsmanship details vary between individual guitars, The slender neck may be difficult for some musicians to navigate comfortably, Stylish look with “flamed” maple and retro feel, A solid and durable instrument with flashy gold hardware, A lightweight instrument with a warm, steady sound, Nylon string sound with all of the benefits of electric amplification, Sounds great acoustically as well as amplified. Pros: + Mahogany set-in neck ensures reliability. This brand ignites both history and the spirit of innovating to differentiate its product from other contenders in town. It is important to understand that semi-hollow body and solid guitars each produce different sounds suited for a particular type of genre. When it comes to looks, the Revstar is no slacker—its aesthetics look as good as the guitar sounds.

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