Easy Cucumber sandwiches! Cut the cucumber into slices as thin as you can make them, and put in a colander or sieve. Cucumber sandwich is one of the simplest finger sandwiches ever made.

Ideally, it is not supposed to take the place of lunch if it is meant for afternoon tea or entertainment. It is an excellent partner for cucumber – I'd say together they sum up the taste of a British summer – but again, too dominant here. • Dry the cucumber on a paper towel to get rid off excess moisture, alternatively, scoop out the centre of the cucumber. is never a bland recipe on here. Top with the remaining slices. https://www.itv.com/thismorning/articles/mary-berry-afternoon-tea-recipes

Make the cream cheese filling.

Slice cucumber very thinly using a mandolin and if your knife skill is great, then use a knife but ensure that the cucumber slices are paper-thin. was last year lauded by American scientists. THANKS. Start by adding the cream You can also use chives or spring onions too. cheese and mayonnaise together into a bowl until smooth. As any experienced sandwich maker will know, it also acts as a handy seal between filling and crumb, protecting the latter from any dampness that threatens to make it soggy. I love how light and delicious these sandwiches tasted.

i will try this & have a taste.

Using a sharp or serrated knife, cut off the crust if you haven’t done this beforehand.

Peeling is mandatory, presumably in case some pesky fibre creeps into this most refined of meals.

Try Queen of Baking

It should almost melt in your mouth once you cut the crusts off, but not quite: I'm not one of those people who think that there's any place for cheap white sliced of the type often fondly known as "plastic bread". A great sandwich bread should be soft and pillowy. Serve immediately, with good tea.

Where do you stand on peeling, slicing, seasoning and salting, should you cut the crusts off – and is the addition of Marmite an abomination? Edelman beats his with creme fraiche and chopped egg to make a more substantial layer: delicious, but it makes the cucumber an also-ran. Leslie Geddes-Brown, writing in Country Life magazine, dunks these briefly in white wine vinegar before layering them on the bread. Certainly they're not going to sustain anyone through a hot afternoon at the plough, but it's this very insubstantiality that attracts me – they're perfect for afternoon tea, because, unlike a ham or a cheese variety, they won't spoil your appetite for dinner. They're American. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rose Prince also removes the seeds in the New English Kitchen, but, although sogginess is fatal in a cucumber sandwich, I find I rather miss these liquid centres – the sandwich seems almost dry without them. Although Rhodes concedes you could use mayonnaise instead, there doesn't seem much point: butter and cucumbers are a winning combination. Cucumber sandwiches or any afternoon tea sandwiches are cut into bite-size. I can see where she's coming from: the burst of acidity is pleasant, but it also spoils the fresh flavour of the sandwich, giving it just a hint of gherkin.

Finally, assemble the sandwich, start by spreading the cream cheese filling on bread slices.

Finally, season with some salt and pepper to taste. (That said, give it a try. A great appetizer for any party and not forgetting how light and refreshing they are. Followed by the cucumber slices, layer it on the cream cheese spread and top it with another slice of bread. No further salt required, obviously, after treating the cucumber, but pepper is very welcome. And where a cucumber sandwich is concerned, neatness is really rather important. Geddes-Brown uses salted butter, but most other people specify unsalted, with good reason. A soft white, the softer the better, seems to be the order of the day – this is definitely not the place for chewy sourdough or wholesome wholemeal. This recipe requires that you cut off the crust but it’s not a must if you are not going for the traditional way of serving cucumber sandwich. Make the cream cheese filling. This step is optional, you may or may not cut the crust off • For more traditional cucumber sandwiches, use good quality butter instead of cream cheese and mayonnaise. Full Cream Cheese: substitute with low-fat cream cheese but I prefer the full fat to the light one. Finally, assemble the sandwich, start by spreading the cream cheese filling on bread slices. 15. Required fields are marked *. Sprinkle lightly with salt (don't go overboard) and leave for 20 minutes. It's great.).

For more traditional cucumber sandwiches, use good quality butter instead of cream cheese and mayonnaise. Lemon juice would probably work better, but after salting the cucumber, as recommended by Gary Rhodes in New British Classics, Prince and Simon Hopkinson, I don't think it's necessary. Then cut the sandwich into 3 fingers. Just because it is a sandwich shouldn’t change You only need a little quantity, Mayonnaise: I used light mayonnaise to balance out for using full-fat cream cheese.

Joanna Weinberg admits to spreading her sandwiches with Marmite in How to Feed Your Friends with Relish. Learn how your comment data is processed. These are the three basic ingredients for making this easy sandwich. Thank you for the recipe. Finger Food Appetizers Finger Foods Appetizer Recipes Mary Berry Christening Food Tea Party Sandwiches Sandwich Fillings Tea Ideas Frozen Birthday Party. Pressing down firmly, cut the crusts off, and then cut into neat fingers, triangles or quarters of roughly equal sizes.

Add dill and stir to

Should you need any further persuading of the merits of this excellent dish, the cucumber sandwich was last year lauded by American scientists as the best thing to eat to regulate body temperature and stave off dehydration during a heatwave.

The salt draws out some of the liquid from the cucumber, leaving it firmer and less prone to sliminess, while also bringing out the flavour – 20 minutes is quite sufficient, though: I find Prince's overpoweringly saline after an hour. https://www.theguardian.com/.../13/how-to-make-perfect-cucumber-sandwiches

Add dill and stir to combine. Saved by Dallas McLellan. Using a sharp or serrated knife, cut off the crust if you haven’t done this beforehand. Copyright © 2020 My Active Kitchen on the Cookd Pro Theme. This is a simple delicious sandwich that only takes a few minutes of prep but with a yummy bite experience.

I rarely buy it otherwise, but this is one place where its creamy sweetness comes into its own in contrast to the salty, refreshing slices of cucumber. Hopkinson uses pain de mie, which he describes as "a firm-textured, almost creamy-tasting bread with the palest yellow, fine crumb".

Arrange the cucumber on half the slices, overlapping each round, and sprinkle with ground white pepper. It is supposed to be light and not too heavy. Your email address will not be published. This traditional cucumber sandwich with cream cheese recipe is not only great for afternoon tea parties, it is perfect for work pack lunches, picnics and parties in general.

Add the cream cheese and mayonnaise together in a bowl until smooth. Perhaps at the Savoy they throw such bits away, and at £48 a person for afternoon tea, they can afford to, but I'll be sticking with the more usual rounds.

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