If you’re ready, we’ll take a look at some wonderfully easy slipcovers that you can make to cover that old furniture. Let’s get started with this DIY couch slipcover! You can even cover those ottomans and make them look new again. The biggest advantage is that they instantly change the appearance of your furniture and in addition protect it from dirt, spills or stains. Pin the corners and draw a line for convenience. So yes, YOU Can DO IT. Sectional slipcovers are really hard to find and if you do find one, you can expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars on it and then you have to worry about whether or not it will actually fit your sectional. So if I can do it, YOU can do it. Yes, all the trimmings! You can use these strips to make your piping. Outdoor Umbrella Stand on Wheels that You can Make! Even if it’s outdated and worn, you can make a new slipcover for it that will make it look brand new again, and this is such an easy project. For some parts you would need a block to make life easier. Here’s how I DIYed my own slipcover from sheets! You can give that old couch and chair a great new look and spend only a small fraction of what it would cost to replace them. I don't know if all sofas have this, may be they do because the arms have to be connected. Your " if I can do it, you can" and very basic sewing skills, has given me the motivation and convenience to give this a try. Fold it and pin. Although I was hoping and praying for the Cameo like all the finalist, I now concluded I'm getting a t-shirt :-( ..ahhh the anticipation is killing me!!! Also had a problem with bits between 2 top rests and the the attachment between seat and armrest got a bit wonky (still is, despite undoing a million times). I love redoing my furniture, which you can tell from these 25 furniture makeover ideas using paint. =), Congratulations !! If you are planning to redo your couch with a DIY slipcover, you want to be sure to cover those old armchairs too, right? i have watched your diy sofa covers and think you have done a brilliant job i am hoping to have a go myself now on a large 6'6" sofa you have given me encouragement to have a go myself thanks again for well shown pictures of your project. I started looking for DIY slipcovers that I can make to simply give it a new look without actually replacing it. Drop cloths are so much less expensive than slipcovers and these are so easy to make. You can also do this with regular upholstery fabric and when you’re finished, it will look like you bought a new chair. Once you have joined all your fabric for the piping it time to make the piping. Do the same to measure the width of the seat too. Slipcovers aren’t just for chairs and couches. ... Then cut out the two pieces you’ll need to cover the front and go over the top and down the side of the arms. I did not cut the excess off in the block earlier and that was a mistake. Lift the cushions slightly and pin the sheet to the cushion along the sides where it won’t show. Check out the sections it has and measure and mark in paper. So I actully didn't have to keep much fabric but I stll kept 3/4" all around. This way the sofa looked nice tight and very professional looking ( if I do say so myself!) Whether your cushions are attached on the back or on the arms, you can customize a slipcover pattern to fit perfectly and it’s not as hard as you may think to make these. When I moved house I didn't have any furniture. Now it’s time to pin. If you need to cover your outdoor furniture, why not create drawstring covers that go on and off easily and are made to perfectly fit any patio furniture that you may have? DIY couch or sofa is a sign of absolute comfort for a sitting space in the home. It’ll cost you around $100 if you do it in upholstery fabric or you can buy cheaper fabric and do it for much less. It's easy to do if you have the zipper foot. So it gave me the confidence to try a bigger project :-). As you would have noticed we always work on the wrong side, but to check for proper fit we turn it back to the right side and check. Measure across too. Recliners can be the most difficult pieces of furniture to cover but this DIY slipcover makes it pretty easy. Use the code: FREESHIP50 at any time to get free shipping! If you are like me, right now you would be feeling pretty excited about how it's turning out! Learn how your comment data is processed. Well, bed sheets will do the trick at a much lower price as they are inexpensive and easy to work with. Please check picture for reference. What a way to get a new set of dining room chairs! See and save the pattern you like. It is easy and inexpensive to protect the couch from scratches or stains, A sofa cover can be a part of the room decor, You could add a variety of colors to the room, 15 casual and cheap sofa cover ideas to protect your furniture, Cheap sofa cover ideas that work in any interior. Smooth the fabric as much as possible. Overall, this is the easiest way to cover that furniture and make it look new again. This way when doing the piping the joint will not be thick as the edges will be distributed. You can put them together with fabric glue and the pattern can be adjusted for any type of outdoor furniture that you have. Now place your cord in the center of the wrong side of the piping. Striped Slipcover For Kids’ Sofa. ', For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Back rest (BR) - For my back rest, I pushed the tape right in to the crevices and then went all the way over and down to the flow. This is not great for thick fabric as at the joint you will be sewing 4 layers of fabric making it very thick. Stuffed in the offending fabric while I stuck my tongue out at it then sewed it close by hand with a slip stitch. Though this is in the wrong side, you have to sew the right side together. Only a week to make covers for two recliners and your advice along with the pictures has been great! So make a 2" fold inwards on either side of skirt at the center point of the ARFP to form a box pleat. Proper measurements are crucial and once you have your measurements in place, you can knock this one out in an afternoon. This works especially well if the sofa in question has characters on it that your little ones may have outgrown. There are too many complicated sofa cover ideas. 4. I mentioned that you can make slipcovers from just about anything, right? Sofa covers can protect the expensive upholstery from rapid wear without any cost. You can use this to create completely new pillows as well. 6. Actually at this point I was kind of very proud of myself. So while surfing the net I came accros this video! I love those little kids’ sofas – they’re so adorable and perfect for giving the little ones their own place to sit. Sofa covers can protect the expensive upholstery from rapid wear without any cost. Now pin the piping to the Front Arm Rest Panel. See and save the pattern you like. I was quite happy how it turned out! First, you’ll want to wash the cover. Here I took the full length. In my case the width shrunk about 3", Not sure of the length. Save money on fabric and simply use an old bedspread to create your slipcover. Arm rest (AR)- Again right in to the crevices and then all the way to the floor. I am starting with the base of the sectional, and I will follow up with how I covered the cushions in a separate post. Please check picture for proper clarification. Fit it back into the seat with the right side up. You can adjust the pattern to fit any sectional, even if it has a chaise at the end. Use the directions below as a general guide to help you figure out how to cover your sofa or love seat. Now place the both of the AR fabric together right side facing each other.

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