Select the manufacturer to convert from: Select the thread number below or click on the chart below: Select the manufacturer to convert to: Select from the left or click away at the chart at the bottom! Conversion Charts ***Please be advised that these conversion charts should be used as a guideline.

Log In. Thread Cards, Charts and Conversions. More. ARC Polyester embroidery thread chart; ARC Rayon embroidery thread chart; Admelody Poly embroidery thread chart

Note: This is all the information I have on the availability of thread charts and thread conversion charts. Here is a link to download the pdf of the new and improved Gütermann Thread Color Number Conversion Charts.

Isacord Thread is the premier embroidery thread for your household and commercial embroidery machine! 40 spools color card and conversion chart 63 spools color card and conversion chart 120 spools color card and conversion chart Tips: 40 colors are chosen from 63 colors, say 40 colors are part of 63 colors. Contact. 0 Cart. 120 colors are Simthread Original Colors, wider color range for … Embroidery Thread Conversion Charts Plus Pantone Matching Charts Converting to Gunold threads is easy!

When I compared the retail thread spools that I have to the thread chart, it looks like not all of the colors are exact matches, and thread color varies a bit between dye lots, so keep that in mind, but it should get you close to the right color.

Ever wonder how many stitches you can get from a cone of Floriani 40 weight polyester thread?

Color Thread Conversion Chart Stickgarn-Farbtabelle Tableau de conversion des fils de couleur Omzettingstabel voor kleurgaren Tabella di conversione dei fili colorati Tabla de conversión de hilos de color 900 100 001 000 800 149 085 155 086 024 124 152 107 126 030 148 807 158 869 636 620 625 079 122 333 212 202 342 205 043 206 334 208 335 126 322 209 336 010 331 812 370 348 242 214 354 …

Just download and PRINT the pdf files below, and read across the charts for Gunold’s color match. Click here. Online Embroidery Thread Charts and Conversion Home About Links. Conversion Chart. If you have a link to an online machine embroidery thread color chart that is not listed below, please send it to Shop.

About Us. New … These are approximate values: 5000 meter/5500 yard cone 1,000,000 stitches 1000 meter/1100 yard spool 200,000 stitches 200 meter/220 yard spool 40,000 stitches .

Videos. Home. Whether you have a commercial embroidery business or are a household hobbyist, Isacord Polyester Embroidery Thread will stitch out smoothly and beautifully!

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Also, we have included two additional charts to match Gunold’s threads to the Pantone color numbering system (PMS - Pantone Matching System). Marathon threads and other supplies. Choose a Link from below. We advise you to double check with the colour chart to make sure that it's the colour that you'd like to purchase as some are totally different colour. Shipping. News.

Brother Embroidery Thread Chart - Embroidery Thread Chart.

I cannot help with enquiries about charts not shown here.

Embroidery Thread Conversion Charts.

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