IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. Married people are much less likely to have problems with alcohol abuse or illegal drugs.
Even childless married couples benefit from splitting up the work. Having heart disease, for example, reduces a man's life expectancy by just under six years, while being unmarried chops almost ten years off a man's life. Now I and our five children and 4 grandchildren are trying to go forward and w/ God’s help and guidance we will learn to g on without him. I think that a whole lot of the studies & survey results vary depending on a person’s age, how long they’ve been married, their employment (do they work from home), or are they retired? By contrast, getting divorced lowers both men's and women's mental health, increasing depression and hostility, and lowering one's self-esteem and sense of personal mastery and purpose in life. Thanks for the great article! Two-thirds of acts of violence against women committed by intimate partners were not committed by husbands but by boyfriends (whether live-in or not) or former husbands or boyfriends. Change ). YOU WILL EARN MORE MONEY. Just 18 percent of divorced adults say they are "very happy," and divorced adults are twice as likely as married folk to say they are "not too happy" with life in general. Research consistently shows that couples in a committed marriage even live longer than those who are single, cohabiting or divorced—but why? Maybe it’s because statistically , men are almost twice as likely to be narcissistic than women. Those who divorced over this period also reported a lower sense of personal mastery, less positive relations with others, less sense of purpose in life, and lower levels of self-acceptance than their married peers did. Make each other more controlling. Fooooor sure! When Americans debate the value of marriage, most attention focuses on the potential harm to children of divorce or illegitimacy, and for good reason.

YOU'LL TAME HIS CHEATIN' HEART (HERS, TOO). For perhaps more obvious reasons, the risk a hospital patient will be discharged to a nursing home was two and a half times greater if the patient was unmarried.

A Biden administration might have trouble putting this genie back in the bottle. This blog uses information from a number of research studies, which are linked to in the post. Marriage, the union of one man and one woman, is a personal, but not private, relationship with great public significance. 7.

according to an article in the Journal of Health and Just sharing some of the insights I’ve found in this article! Recently, I had the opportunity to review the scientific evidence on the consequences of marriage for adults with University of Chicago scholar Linda J. Waite for our new book, The Case for Marriage. “Particularly for men, being in a stable relationship allows men to break outside of gender expectations and roles. How can a piece of paper work such miracles? Wives' earnings also benefit from marriage, but they decline when motherhood enters the picture.

Mountains of research tell us that children reared outside of intact marriages are much more likely than other kids to slip into poverty, become victims of child abuse, fail at school and drop out, use illegal drugs, launch into premature sexual activity, become unwed teen mothers, divorce, commit suicide and experience other signs of mental illness, become physically ill, and commit crimes and go to jail. Required fields are marked *, You and your partner are very much in love and you’ve been thinking — maybe even dropping hints…, Myth #1: The three months’ salary rule You’ve probably heard of the old adage that an engagement ring…, Maybe you’ve been dating for a while or perhaps you’ve only just started.


It misses the profound benefits that lasting marriage confers on adults. Heck, even MY answers would’ve been different back then! If you’d like to take a closer look at the data, this study showing reduced levels of stress hormones was done on people with a median age of 27-29, half of whom were married:

Cohabiting men are four times more likely to cheat than husbands, and cohabiting women are eight times more likely to cheat than wives. Marriage is a transformative act, changing the way two people look at each other, at the future, and at their roles in society. Marriage increases sexual fidelity.

You can also follow Shane Co. on social media (@shanecompany) or visit our website to quench your thirst for everything bridal. YOU'LL HAVE BETTER SEX, MORE OFTEN. While watching bridal TV shows or arriving home to stacks of RSVPs from friends and family is fun, there are many emotional benefits to being married.

who are simply cohabiting. But being married conferred a happiness advantage over and above its power to improve the pocketbook and the health chart. More detailed message would go here to provide context for the user and how to proceed. having someone trustworthy to talk to about our most intense feelings and Beyond the material aspects of marriage, finding love has been linked to prolonging our lives, improving emotional stability and increasing the opportunity for a more positive psychological state of mind.,,, social support than both single and cohabiting mothers. A 1994 Justice Department report, based on the National Crime Victimization Survey, found that single and divorced women were four to five times more likely to be victims of violence in any given year than wives; bachelors were four times more likely to be violent-crime victims than husbands.

And they have a better chance of doing so in a society that recognizes the value of marriage than one that sings the statistically dubious joys of divorce. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

One thing I never doubt is that my wife has my back and I have hers!!!
Couples who stayed married in one study saw their assets increase twice as fast as those who had remained divorced over a five-year period. With statements that exist such as ‘Men don’t cry’ or ‘Men don’t talk about feelings,’ having a partner provides a safe space to be able to verbalize emotions, feelings and needs that may often go ignored or suppressed on a regular basis.”.

1. being raised within married families. So enjoy things as they come, may God bless us all each n every one. I simply love her n wish things were different as for as her health, but such is life! Heh, less stress, huh?

When it comes to adults, the case for lifelong marriage has been framed in exclusively moral, spiritual, and emotional terms: one side argues for personal liberation from marriage, the other urges parents to sacrifice for God's and/or the kids' sake. Marriage lowers the risk that both men and women will become victims of violence, including domestic violence.

Some specific benefits are identified below. Marriage is good for your mental health.

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