Chrom's Falchion is completely unobtainable. Effective against dragon foes. One became the base for the Fire Emblem which was used to seal the degenerated dragons in the Dragon's Table; the other was forged into Falchion. Falchion (Japanese: ファルシオン Falchion), often referred to in dialogue as the Divine Falchion (Japanese: 聖剣ファルシオン Holy Sword Falchion), and also known as the Kingsfang, is a regalia sword introduced in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Effective against dragon units. In "The Great Cave Offensive", Falchion appears as one of several obtainable treasures referencing other Nintendo franchises, worth 325,000 gold. Marth wields the Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light/Mystery of the Emblem version of Falchion in his appearances as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. The Divine Dragon Duma was exiled from Archanea by Naga. personal project, in newsworthy and of public interest events) and may not be used for any
-v1: one solid part Strangely enough, in Shadows of Valentia, despite how Marth's Exalted Falchion can be used to defeat Duma like Alm's Falchion can, Lucina's Parallel Falchion cannot do the same, despite being the very same Falchion that Marth uses. Conversely, Lucina's Parallel Falchion, which also makes an appearance in. Alm and Marth both used the sword in the past but it first became heavily associated with Chrom in Awakening. [2] Rudolf then launched an invasion of Zofia, the next stage of his scheme. One such part of this lore to explore is the Falchion sword that Chrom uses throughout the series. in both its original and Awakening versions wielded by Marth and Lucina respectively. Mila spoke to Alm, and told him to grasp Falchion. The warrior, known as the First Exalt, eventually established the Halidom of Ylisse with the Falchion and the Fire Emblem as its national treasures. Centuries later, Rudolf, the emperor of Rigel, sought to end Mila and Duma's control over Valentia, having witnessed the descent of the Zofian people into hedonism, while his own people in Rigel knew only hardship and toil. Artwork of Falchion from Fire Emblem Gaiden. She announces that she has taken over the role of Naga for that world and that Lucina can perform the ritual in Ylisstol as Grima's defilement of Mount Prism and leaving Tiki's corpse in Ylisstol has caused the capital to become the holiest location of Naga's influence. Mila is eventually sealed within the sword, giving it the power to slay monsters created by Duma. The seal that kept the powers of the Falchion inside was released by Naga in Awakening. Unlike Marth's Falchion, her Falchion does not have his unique tip mechanic, instead having even power through her entire weapon. Gharnef took the blade and kept it safe for the majority of the war. He attempted to use it to fight Gharnef, but failed and was slain. Falchion is, as with many other items from the Nintendo universe, found in the Kirby game "Kirby Super Star", and it's remake "Kirby Super Star Ultra" in the game "The Great Cave Offensive". Pick up a New Nintendo #3DS XL? Gharnef is eventually killed by a member of Marth's army using the Starlight spell, allowing Marth to reclaim the blade and use it to eventually defeat Medeus once more. Although Grima is eventually resurrected, the five Gemstones are gathered and brought to Mount Prism, the holiest location of Naga's influence, allowing Chrom to perform the Awakening, transforming the blade into the Exalted Falchion. In the spin-off title Warriors, Falchion appears again in its Archanea series and Awakening forms as the personal weapons of Marth and Chrom under the names "Exalted Falchion" and "Falchion" respectively. Inspired by the Falchion wielded by Lucina and Chrom in Fire Emblem: Awakening and later in Super Smash Bros.; it is 35 long and 9 at its widest point of the hilt. 4. Lucina may also be found to use some of alternate forms of the Falchion as they come about. Rakukaja From Fire Emblem Wiki, your source on Fire Emblem information. During the events of Awakening, the Falchion is currently wielded by Chrom, the prince of Ylisse. Chrom also uses his normal Falchion in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U during Robin's Final Smash Pair Up. Wieldable only by Alm. Lucina also wields her Falchion variant, the Parallel Falchion, in her playable appearance. Wieldable only by Marth. Falchion (封剣ファルシオン, Fūken Farushion), colloquially known as the Ylissian Falchion, is a special weapon of the Sword variety, with an inherit Dracoslayer attribute. Weapon Type Weitere Ideen zu schwert, waffen, messer und schwerter. Alm only. By fans, for fans. The guard features a tear-shaped hole while the grip has a red-brown tone. Read at your own risk! In the ancient past, Duma, a member of the Divine Dragon clan of Archanea, fought with the clan's ruler, Naga. Wieldable only by Marth; effective against dragons. When Medeus, the former guardian of the Dragon's altar led Manaketes to war with humanity, Falchion was given by Gotoh to the hero Anri to defeat Medeus and halt the Manakete's reign of tyranny. In the 2000 years since Marth originally wielded the Archanean Falchion to end the War of Shadows and cut a way through the War of Heroes, the blade was presumably continuously passed down through Marth's lineage, changing in appearance drastically. It has been used in many games to take care of some of the more difficult creatures found throughout the world of this thrilling game. Used only in the Russian version of, • Falchion; a transliteration of the Japanese name. Although Grima is eventually resurrected, the five Gemstones are gathered and brought to Mount Prism, the holiest location of Naga's influence, allowing Chrom to perform the Awakening, transforming the blade into the Exalted Falchion. Ability to double attack +3. The Fire Emblem game series has been very noteworthy for years thanks in part to its extensive lore. Falchion, in its Archanea series and Awakening forms, returns in Fates. This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 02:22. Locked to Lucina. It is the signature weapon of the leader of the Shepherds Chrom. In the year 602, at the onset of the War of Shadows and Medeus's revival, Cornelius departed with the blade with the intent of fulfilling his destiny as Anri's descendant, but was killed in Gra's betrayal.

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