My joints are tight and I get things done. Many of these dovetails have been mitered at their front corners, which I cut freehand (thank you Joseph Moxon)…. As a result, you have to be careful when installing them. Like the original maker, I chose…, It’s not often you get a chance to use egg-crate joinery in period furniture work. No. So I find it easier to dress my edges by hand than to fuss with the powered jointer…. When that phrase was uttered, all the eyeglasses would go into hiding. There is not an option to glue things up in stages and still guarantee success. Here’s a quick slideshow on cutting and installing keys in miter joints using a very simple jig featured in the August…, I’ve written before about my love of stringed packing tape – it deepens and matures every day. Learning the old ways and time-tested woodworking techniques…. Contact Us Showroom-Office 2109 Queen Street Bellingham, Washington 98229 1+360.389.2714 US 1+604.670.0502 Canada The Shop When viewed in cross-section, a dado has three sides. While there are many types of glue on the market, the one best suited for wood joinery is commonly known as “carpenter’s glue” or “yellow glue” because, well, carpenters use it and it is yellow. While the teacher’s investigation was ongoing, she gave us a speech that I still remember. Because we’d likely run out of videotape. This is a really handy trick if you don’t have a long-bed jointer or you don’t have a jointer at all, and you’re working with really long stock. I think it’s because they can be a pain to set up.Well,no more excuses.Here’s a clever technique, sent to us by Jim Rodgers…, After watching Frank Klausz cut a set of dovetails in three minutes using a special bowsaw blade (see the video here in our video section), Rob Cosman decided to show that it can be done by cutting the tails first. It’s just a single dovetail cut on the end of the stretcher that…, From time to time I hear someone comment about a woodworking practice that runs totally contrary to what I’ve been taught. Not about how it works – I…, I have four bookcases filled with woodworking books in my office at home, another two bookcases in my office at work and boxes and boxes of them in the basement. Baillie Scott (1865-1945) was an architect at the forefront of the Arts & Crafts…, Tool: Rectangular Mallet Manufacturer: Blue Spruce Toolworks MSRP: $85 For some woodworkers, building your own mallet is a rite of passage. It was foolish because it would probably take two lifetimes (in dog years even) to…, Do you like stories about gladiators? There is no one answer that satisfies everyone (although “The Maltese Falcon” and “Ernie Banks” should)…. Creating the perfect joint that permanently turns two pieces of wood into a seamless, enduring creation is after all, the essence of what we do in our shops. As I’m working on a cabinet article for the April issue of the magazine, I’m happy to have a few quick jigs on hand that make the process much less…, Table Saw Blades & The Laws of Physics If you wanted to make a device to throw pieces of wood at a high rate of speed, how would you design it? FOREWORD THE six chapters that follow discuss and illustrate the joints in American traditional I’ve never…, Though Charleston is the most ethnically diverse and open Southern city I’ve ever visited, its taste in furniture has long been English. You can use several methods to make this joint, but the easiest way to get tight-fitting, professional-looking results is with an underscribe attachment on a trim router. I use a mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm lead to darken in my knife lines when cutting dovetails, tenons or other joinery. ), just as masculine (leather!) By Dave Munkittrick   Jointers are simple machines with few moving parts, but the two beds, the fence and the cutterhead all have to be in alignment for a jointer to function properly. There is nothing more satisfying for a woodworker than to watch two pieces of wood become perfectly mated together as you tighten the screws, set the mortise and tenon, or slide the dovetails together. The Most Powerful Words In The English Language, Top Advertising Techniques In Graphic Design, A Brief History Of The Computer Games Industry. There is no quality difference between Veritas and Lie-Nielsen handplanes. Then one day I found my old…, Whenever I get into some serious handwork, I always try to boil down the processes so that I can 1) remember it myself and 2) occasionally explain it to others (including a couple children who are slack-jawed with boredom). Ya, I use machines at times to…, In 2006, as I began my first round at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I was told I had to build a workbench. The dovetail provides immeasurable strength, a large surface area for gluing, and flat-out looks cool. Here’s a taste of stuff I bet you didn’t know from Paul N. Hasluck’s “Handyman’s Book”: –…, So many woodworkers resist using hammers, and I suspect it’s because they use one that’s more suited for framing a house or cracking walnuts. And yet they bore their burden without complaint or explanation. A small amount of glue is spread thinly across both joint faces and the pieces are firmly clamped together until the glue dries. It’s 1996, and I’m a newly minted managing editor at Popular Woodworking. They hold far better that modern wire nails and they really have the right look when it comes to building reproduction furniture, which is why I don’t use square-drive brass screws when installing reproduction hinges. Don’t bother with a try square or sliding bevel. I have received some complaints about the Moxon Double-screw. It is, however, not the strongest of joints. If you’re interested in learning to cut dovetails by hand, boy do you have choices. He grunted, threw his saw down with a clatter and stomped away from the bench. They stay put on the bench. By Robert Lang From the Spring 2005 issue of Woodworking Magazine, pages 25-27 Dados are a “bread and butter” kind of joint. by Christopher Schwarz from the Winter 2008 issue of Woodworking Magazine The history of the through-mortise begins with a joint that was necessary because of the tools and technology of the day,…, These elegant joints are difficult to cut and clamp. There is nothing like the appearance of even and minimal gaps and nothing like the feel of an easy sliding drawer that won’t get stuck when the seasons change. While experimentation is a wonderful thing for the craft, there is simultaneously a good deal of importance in attention to detail and being exact. They had to figure out how to permanently join two pieces of wood together without any hardware.

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