An option to climb directly to the top or bottom of the Grand Tree has been added. You can access a bank by going up the ladder next to the king, and heading south-west. Reattached a floating branch to the Grand Tree. After getting inside, go to the foreman, on the southern docks, and talk to him. He says that there is something wrong with the Grand Tree, which frames up the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Inside, you will find some invasion plans detailing his plan to seize control over Gielinor. Take the sticks from the king. The prison door atop the Grand Tree now opens correctly. This is a great way to quickly escape without teleporting (but be mindful of level 44 bats). It is also one of the spots for Penguin Hide and Seek. Before returning to Glough's house, equip yourself for battling the level 98 black demon. When you confront Glough for being a spy and framing Charlie, he will become outraged and will order his guards to arrest you and throw you into jail. and Daconia rocks will kill the tree! Tell her you need to get inside, and she will sneak you in for 1000 coins if you did not help her when first entering the stronghold, or for free if you did. After you enter, and Glough talks to you, he will send a level 98 black demon to attack you. From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape, This article is about the location. Go to Glough's house again - search the cupboard and you will find his journal. The Grand Tree is a gnome quest centred on protecting the titular Grand Tree from dying upon the gnome race. As you mention the situation about the daconia rocks to him, he unsurprisingly blames the humans. If you move before he gets to you, you will have to exit and go back through the trap door. In the prison with Charlie, atop the Grand Tree. It contains Blurberry's Bar, Heckel Funch's Shop, Rometti's Fine Fashions, and Gulluck's weapon shop. Quick guides provide a brief summary of the steps needed for completion. Players can find King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor. Take the notes to King Shareen, who still won't believe your evidence when they searched Glough's house, all they found were some sticks lashed together. Tell him that Glough sent you, and give him the password that Charlie told you. If you take too long to fight the demon or go too far down the tunnel, it will disappear into thin air and you'll have to start the battle all over again. Slightly adjusted some areas in the Grand Tree to correctly remove roofs when appropriate. After reading the journal, you find out that Glough, unlike his ancestors, wants to come out of hiding and launch an attack on the humans. The Grand Tree is a gnome quest centred on protecting the titular Grand Tree from dying upon the gnome race. Search the cupboard north of the ladder. The king apologises and asks you to locate the last daconia rock. Players can speak to him to begin (and later end) the Monkey Madness quest. If instead you killed the foreman, he will drop the lumber order, which states Glough's plan to take over Gielinor. Talk to Captain Errdo in the clearing north of Charlie and he'll fly you to Karamja. When you hand over the sample to him, he studies it and responds, but you can only make out one word - "Daconia". To start the quest, speak to King Narnode Shareen on the ground1st floor[UK] of the Grand Tree. He will tell you to quickly escape on the gnome glider, as Glough has set up guards on all other escape routes. What's the name of his new girlfriend? If you speak to Anita and get the key for the attack plans, then you don't need to go to Karamja. For the location, see. Once you answer the foreman's questions, he will tell you about Glough's plan and then give you a lumber order. The Grand Tree, or Ta Quir Priw in gnomish language, is home to a gnome community and is built inside a tree in the north-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. There is an Agility shortcut north-east of the Grand Tree, which can be very useful for players training Barbarian Fishing.

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