Clean the inside of the cooking pot or electric fryer thoroughly using hot water and dish soap. according to the comments on the link, this method might not be that great, as it only removed the particulate, something that using a filter might achieve with less hassle. When the pot or fryer is clean, dry it completely before proceeding. But here is an interesting article at Serious Eats about how to clean fryer grease using gelatin. Let’s start with unflavored gelatin. First, let your oil cool, so as not to burn your precious self. Discard the disk of gelatine that remains. I've been going nuts with my $22 deep fryer. Yesterday, I sent a glass olive oil cruet crashing to the floor and was left with shards of oil soaked glass and a huge pool of olive oil soaking into the tile grout. and affiliate links. READ THE REST, Lifehacker shows you how to "avoid soft, chewy bacon that pulls out of the sandwich on the first bite." tacitly agreed to perpetrate occasional good-natured ribbing between and The oil will float to the top, leaving behind all sorts of burnt bits and gunk in a neat gelatin disk. 4. Join now, it’s free to become a member. It looks disgusting and makes us just want to throw it out. Trick for vacuum-sealing food without a vacuum-sealer, How to cut an avocado without hurting yourself, Black Friday is dropping by early this year for huge savings on 30 great items, Save an extra 40% on this software that will help troubleshoot your WiFi issues, This handy adapter ties your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, and Bluetooth headphones' audio together. Everything was looking great so far. (You'll need half a cup of water and a teaspoon of powdered gelatin for every litre of oil you plan on clarifying.) If You Have Always Wondered If There Is Something You Can Do With Your Used Cooking Oil Besides Throwing It Out, Try This Instead! The set, or firmness, of the final dish depends on the liquid-to-gelatin ratio used. among themselves and others], Pour the strained, used oil back into the fryer or pot. A 60 mesh screen is often used to sift flours which means very fine flour will pass thru that screen (which of course is the purpose). J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of

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