Pickup is amazing. The display is full digital including the tachometer which has been designed in round shape under a horizontal digital display which looks very cool especially at night. Because of its oversquared engine design it produces lot of torque in the more usable range 3000-6000 rpm and so comfortable for touring and cities alike. Hero made quite a lot of changes to the ZMR and recently also we saw that both the Karizma and the ZMR received some new cosmetic as well as engine updates updates and this new range of motorcycles will be launched next year 2014 in our Indian market. All Rights Reserved. Senses the intake air temperature to determine and supply the optimum air to fuel ratio. Looks terrible, performance bad if you categorise it in the 200 segment, good if you categorise in the normal commuting segment. It has been well maintained till date. All this power is more than enough to … All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, Air cooled, 4 - stroke single cylinder OHC, fuel injection, DC – FTIS (Full Transistorised Ignition System), oil grade SAE 10 W 30 SJ grade (JASO MA Grade), Swing arm with 5 step adjustable IGRS system, 12 V -35 W / 35W - Halogen bulb (Multi – reflector D.C type), 12 V -21 W (Amber bulb) x 4 nos. I have been riding this bike since 2010. Additionally it also got disc brake at the rear, gas charged rear shock absorbers, little increase in power and torque. – Is now available in four shades, blue and yellow has been discontinued, Design & Style Of 2011 New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR. I'm a tourer than a stunter or a race... Pros: Speed thrillsStylish lookCons:Heavy price individual partsAvg mileageByk is awesome when you have more money. The Hero Motocorp Karizma ZMR is priced at Rs. Other brands provide the same for less than half the amount. Its fantastic for a 223 cc bike. – 12 hole fuel injector, 16 bit ECU and 6 high-tech sensors. PGM-Fi: Programmable Fuel Injection The company has discontinued Yellow and Blue shade which were available in 2010 model. What is bit disappointing though is that the ZMR has only a top speed of 128 km/ h mark but it has a rapid acceleration and can reach 0-60km in just 3.7 seconds. – Maximum power is 17.6 Bhp at 7000 rpm There were not many pieces available and i think that it was the last piece in stock, because after buying my bike i haven't seen a zmr in any of the retail outlet near by me. Average is good. I thought it would be just an optional higher model. Its not the kind of bike u can throw into corners and rub your knees on the tarmac. In terms of looks the most visible change in ZMR in comparison to the Karizma R is heavy looking full front fairing with a lot of snazzy graphics with ‘ZMR’ stickers. Because i know people owning zmr who gets 32-36 kmpl and top speed of 110kmph who revved it from word go. “Ultimate sports tourer in the Indian premium motorcycle space, the Hero Karizma is still one of the finest affordable performance machines available in India.—Zigweheels India”, “The Karizma ZMR was a splendid bike when it was launched in 2009, since then the competition has moved ahead and the ZMR pales in comparison to newer offerings. Riding a zmr is always comfortable comfortable seats, comfortable riding position and the best part was 44kmph of mileage for a 225 cc bike, smooth at tow rpm and cranky at high rpm, bad headlamps and the big is heavy and small tyre radius. Engine performance, fuel economy and gearbox. 5000 – 5500 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier. Break-through service package with 3 years or 40000 kms. Karizma ZMR [2009-2014] key highlights; Displacement: 223 cc : Mileage: 45 kmpl : Top Speed: 128 Kmph : Kerb Weight: 159 kg The indicators are also surrounded by led daytime running lam... My bike is about 5 years old now, this look feels old but overall i am still happy with it. – New Rear Mud Guard The designers at Hero Honda ‘R&D’ must have been a fan of Suzuki Hayabusa!! The brake light and rear turn indicators are now housed in a neat floating tail section that also houses the number plate. Measures mainifold absolute pressure ensuring optimum air to fuel ratio under various operating condotions. The fairing mounted rear view mirrors really come in handy while maneuvering this huge motorcycle in city traffic. For this period. front fairing design, access to spark plugs, headlight poor, use 60/55w, no practical use for real time milage indicator, make it average milage indicator which resets on reseting trip. It driven it 400 kms non stop at 100kmph... Bought it for 110000 in march 2012I use it occasionally as i have a activa too. That is the reason for low pricing. Excellent visibility and less prone to damage. – ZMR logo on the instrument cluster Throttle Position Sensor Which Detects Throttle Opening & Provides Input To The ECU To be honest this is an amazing bike. So even though i loved this bike i decided to wait for the fuel injected model to arrive. Similarities with previous versions include- the suspension and wheels, fuel tank and a drum brake in the rear. great cruiser/tourer with ample power and torque,still have enough fun with it in perfo mode, best ride quality, butter smooth engine, fuel efficent, tough built quality, reasonable price, awesome fi, great brakes, useful digital clocks, ever reliable, not well handled at speed, and tough to park, poor service experience of hero. But when it was launched, it was a ... For this period. Maxabout ---- "The Intrument cluster is best looking part in Karizma ZMR. Headlamps are terrible very less visibility have complained about this quite a time. – 0-60 km in 3.7 seconds Ride above all with the new generation PGM-FI engine.

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