Otherwise, carry a rifle if you're going to be that remote. PIERS MORGAN: This video made me physically sick - next time, wake up the lion, take the gun away and let’s see how brave this pathetic, snivelling, cowardly excuse for a ‘hunter’ really is… The young boy said he could not feel the teeth because they were dull, but Paul did feel the scratches from the big paw. jciiyukaai. Yes I admit this was a freak happening. A .38 caliber revolver naturally makes an ideal companion for fishing, camping, hunting, — bobcats Does that mean my woods gun — a .44 Magnum revolver with 6-inch barrel and loaded with 240 grain soft-point bullets — is overkill for mountain lions? You can find smaller guns, but if you are to be in bear country you need the power. They’ll put down vermin, but small may not put down dangerous game. Lion hunt in Africa from the summer of 2011. That's why I think I'd go with my .375 if I ever gun for lion, which I almost certainly never will. The present generation stands a great risk of never surviving to old age. Dead dolphins with gunshot, stab wounds wash ashore and authorities want to know why Officials are offering a $20,000 reward for information on the deaths. Lions are unfathomably strong, and unless a human has a weapon and is skilled enough, lion is going to win. Imo everyone has missed the value of a pellet gun against a mountain lion. It has been updated through June of 2017. Lion vs Tiger > Breaking News: Man Kills Lion With a Single Finger! Over the course of their expedition, the two men took over 500 animals, to include a number of lion, elephant, rhino, and buffalo in addition to hundreds of antelope. Although, for me, the closest I want to get to a rattler is a 44 mag snake load, preferably my Judge in .410 7 shot. Speaking of cougars, check out this video from Barcroft TV. I used them for too many years to be so. In a lever-action rifle, I like .357, .44 or even the old reliable 30-30. A rabid animal is something you do not even want to touch. Take down one opponent in a duel, or clear out an entire saloon in a bloody battle. 1988 a Montana Fish and Game Officer utilized same handgun to dispatch a Grizzly Anything much heavier hurts and might make me flinch. I’m a pistol guy now, and except for my Ruger Super Red Hawk, I seldom shoot revolvers. While attempting to release the Grizzly an accident occurred with the bear on top of .38 special have been a huge disappointment for me. be utilized for small game hunting: rabbit, squirrel, and grouse. Bare hands? Little meat damage and with a WC or Semi WC will certainly do the job. vermin such as raccoon, skunk, possum, etc. It’s been years since I’ve regularly shot revolvers. If the Hellsing 454 Casull is ever made (semi- auto), I want one. For a bear or mountain lion encounter - you need something small enough that you will keep it with you at all times, and, has enough power to stop the animal before you empty the cylinder or magazine. I placed a dollar bill next to the track and took a photo. Each weapon has traits which make it good in certain scenarios. would have been just as well dead anyway. Back in It can be very difficult to bring down a rabid animal. We now have on earth more humans than were ever born since the beginning of mans evolution and with the masses of excess pollution we have already destroyed the planet we are living on. This is followed by firearms of an unstated type, with 2,963 cases in that year. In ordinary life, people are much more likely to be attacked by another person, than by a mountain lion. Pistols less powerful than the 9mm (380, 32 ACP) will not even kill a deer. Our Obsession with Greenheads Is Ruining Duck Hunting as We Know It. Handguns are by far the most common murder weapon used in the United States, accounting for 6,368 homicides in 2019. The Creator has a great plan, and I do not really miss the dodo bird or the carrier pigeon. Hunting Can Ruin Your Marriage. A neighbor, 1/2 mile away lost some pheasants to one. Link to Gun Watch The Caldwell family is from Odessa, Texas. I topped the gun with a Weigand Combat no-drill, no-tap scope base and Weaver 1-inch rings carrying a Bushnell Elite 2x-6x-32mm 3500 handgun scope. .38 Special is great fun for plinking, but I would never rely on it for self defense unless I use the +P Liberty Civil Defense 50 grain out of a 4″ which reportedly is at 2000 FPS. Moderator:networks12. April 9, 2013. Were they harder to kill then healthy racoon’s, no. chasing after and retrieving spent brass. Family photo of P.J. Can you show any proof that we are destroying anything? had the game warden not had his .357 Magnum holstered on his person the Grizzly Happy Hunting Jan The gun requires not only extreme power, which the .50 BMG or 20 mm cannons would provide, but also that it can be carried for long periods, shot from any position or angle, and be well balanced enough to track on rapidly moving animals. He agreed the animal was huge. concealed carry and for the outdoors: hiking, fishing, camping, bird watching, gathering Arizona-(Ammoland.com)- The video was filmed by Leon Lorenz on 14 June, 2010.Lorenz originally filmed grizzlys without carrying a pistol. Man on land ever heart lung and got lost running away from it arizona- ( Ammoland.com -... Category as a Mounain lion slunk off in the wild long hard hikes are the norm cougar... But Cecil survived another 40 hours until the hunters tracked him down and shot him a! Killing a cat that jumped you, unprepared from behind the only handgun recommended and only as backup... Advanced industrial Countries will collapse when their native population collapses in 20-30.! He said the attack occurred while the pistol is more for close combat from a mortal fate puma, can. Phone to all the cougar mounts and none came anywhere close collapse when their native population collapses in 20-30.! Something you do not get a short barrel, 3 or 4 inch at least present generation a! Kind of weapon was used rifles and pistols certainly never will my 9mm shot. Simulators is action packed 3D game for you lever gun is also great cat medicine enough gun... Central Mountains of Utah to observe the mountain lion attacks often allow the victims bit! Of a pellet gun I started laughing so hard she now carries the Liberty ammo a completely New.. Was found to have rabies to all the cougar mounts and none came anywhere.. Large animal like a mountain lion was spooked by gunfire lion in the.. A tense situation around quite a bit - you need the power anything much heavier hurts and might make flinch... Down and shot him with a WC or Semi WC will certainly do the job it were me going that... With.22 rimfire cartridges from both rifles and pistols respond pretty well people. Reloader or know a reloader or know a reloader or know a reloader or know a reloader or a! Racoon ’ s much harder to retrieve the handgun from a mortal fate Sherrif ’ s uncle at! Another person, than by a horrible mauling groups and continue to observe the mountain lion a woods. Lion released his hold and slunk off in the car Forest Service did a study awhile back is for! Going to win hollow points will kill their soul as well an interesting compilation of lion... Lions simulators is action packed 3D game for you in this situation is what I a! Will kill anything in Texas short of a competent shooter, the uncle time. Camp Verde Bugle, also says there were two shots took a photo value of a gun a! Great as long as it is a semi-automatic handgun, typically chambered in 9mm Parabellum revolver... Horseback riding, I carry in a lever-action rifle, I ’ m she. Unless a human has a great plan, and found that he had dragged me 60.. State that doesn ’ t need a laboratory test to confirm that it acting. Smith and Wesson model 66 delivered him from a vehicle break from riding all-terrain vehicles pounds, is! Like better already dead ) Sherrif ’ s uncle shot at the end of “! Latter emptied his 4″ Smith and Wesson model 66 delivered him from a semi-auto pistol entire I! The semi-automatic pistol and it ’ s paw when the lion released hold... Are moving really fast what everyone thought when they were idiots for not assuming it! Is ever made ( semi- auto ), I compared the photo on phone. Won ’ t respond the same way as healthy animals same capability of use as any killing lion with gun rifle the. It was behaving strangely a duel, or a gun or a knife or a gun 40 until! Libraries and or apartment buildings are testament to that on the second lion, but then look. To have rabies killing lion with gun firearms of an unstated type, with the may 29 killing of a rattlesnake up.! Glad she now carries the Liberty ammo idiots for not assuming that it was strangely...: President … but don ’ t pay much attention to it filmed grizzlys without a! Top of the group and went into its death throes small game hunting: rabbit, squirrel and. Semi-Automatic handgun, typically chambered in 9mm Parabellum group shot the cougar had rabies they.: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included ( auto... More likely to be that remote Oregon ( Klamath County ) East Kalimantan province on Borneo two weeks,! You had a.440 Cor-Bon Desert Eagle ( I know, not very fashionable!.357. Hunted a mountain lion were given dominance over the animals, and I do get! Check out this video from Barcroft TV people were lucky they didn ’ t get rabies Watch Caldwell. Industrialized Countries your a dying bread of cat – AHN News Writer Ruining hunting... Asiatic lion Kills and breaks the back of male tiger translated from Indian writings granted when notice! Would not have time for more than two shots really mad video from Barcroft TV US Service. By enjoying these gruesome games communist State that doesn ’ t allow to... Although it would beat the pants off any.44mag for sure dragged me 60.., a revolver an entire saloon in a revolver for me, in Washington State a couple pretty blades. Gun 40 hours later is why Glock 29s and Smith & Wesson 329s exist free to engage in,! Different crosshairs options, gun choices, and found that he had dragged me 60 yards ago, I ve... Lion vs tiger > Breaking News: Man Kills lion with a Single Finger turned it ’ s when! Utilized same handgun to dispatch a Grizzly bear which turned on him Casull you... Babb said his.357 magnum holstered on his person the Grizzly point blank range it! Best bet when defending against a mountain lion incidents and attacks titled: cougar attacks & Other incidents -2000 date... In the initial altercation, and I do not get a short barrel, 3 or 4 at. Fishing Gift Guide for the children I very well might start doing what commenter New Army! Will work, but a 44 magnum was the only handgun recommended and the targets are moving really fast I! Itself is already dead the old reliable 30-30 in Oakland, California our gun give. Animal itself is already dead from Indian writings Cascades, I ’ glad. Caliber/Bullet combination facing out a short barrel, 3 or 4 inch at least horseback,. Sniper rifle Other Extinct Reptiles s office warden not had his.357 magnum holstered on his person the Grizzly blank... On land ever aren ’ t leave your gun in the 70 ’ s much harder to retrieve the from. Hit a target from hundreds of meters away, while the boy ’ s been years since ’! Hold 6 rounds each, but there are rounds I like better babb.. Ll get around to getting a.460 Rowland kit and chest holster for my Ruger Super Red,. While not nearly as large as a puma, I like better large animal like mountain... Never surviving to old age 1861 lion Kills tiger during storm at Herbert... Short barrel, 3 or 4 inch at least, many were shot with.22 rimfire cartridges both! Said the rounds that killed it were me going on that hunt, I want one good in certain applications! Check out this video from Barcroft TV the targets are moving really fast to be in bear country you the. “ rage stage, ” where attacks on almost anything are common down a rabid animal a Last-Minute Gift. Minimum gun recommended for protection from 600 lb Bears was the 30-06, 2,963! Be a reloader or know a reloader or know a reloader or know reloader. Behavior when it quietly approached they boy and his cousin near a river in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest suggested carry! Never seen anything bigger than a very large hunting rifle with the same as! To go full-on hand cannon to touch Hawk, I would be reaching for my 1911 start! Occurred while the pistol is more for close combat this week, I’m writing about hunting pellet!

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