Submitting this form will email your Webmaster with a request to unlock this account. NISD affirms its commitment to ensuring people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to access online information and functionality. William P. Hobby Middle School Dress Code The district’s dress code is implemented (Section D page 7); therefore, students will be expected to follow the guidelines set forth by the district. For technical questions and comments regarding this website, including accessibility concerns, please contact the Webmaster. There are no federal laws governing employee dress codes. ● No exposed midriffs, backs, or underpants. Students not complying with the dress code may be removed from the regular school setting until the parent is able to provide appropriate attire. See questions about Clear. Jackets are not allowed to cover dress code violations. Tears, rips or frays in jeans must be at the knee level or below. These requirements also applies to school uniforms. Parents may contact the administration offices at their child's school for specific information on standardized dress requirements. Option 2: Call the Verifications Department at (615) 620-0569 to submit a request and make alternate payment arrangements (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, or Money Order). Students who attend campuses requiring uniforms should follow their specific campus standardized dress code. Appropriate footwear must be worn; footwear which has toes reinforced with steel, hard plastics or similar materials is specifically prohibited. In order to exercise one of these options, the parent or guardian must provide a written statement that states a religious or philosophical objection to the uniform requirement that the board determines is bona fide. Hair must be neat and clean. If you believe any online information or functionality is currently inaccessible, contact Melissa Shawn, communications and web specialist at 817-215-0135 or Tongue rings and tongue studs are not permitted. Indecent/inappropriate patches, writings, or drawings on clothing are prohibited. All pants are to be full length (Capri pants should be no less than four inches below the bottom of the kneecap) and worn at the waist (no "sagging" or "bagging"). Final determination of acceptable dress and grooming rests with the principal or his/her designee and cannot be appealed. Hair must not cover the eyes. Dress code standards are extended to extra-curricular activities held on the campus. Unconventional colored, multi-colored or spiked or Mohawk hair styles are not permitted. ● Hair must be neat and clean. No oversized clothing, sagging, baggy, and/or dragging pants. ● Insignias or initials, lines, designs etched in the eyebrows, hair or any part of the scalp are not permitted. Changes in dress code, deemed appropriate and necessary by the school principal, may be announced, implemented and enforced during the course of the academic school year. ● No sunglasses, or non-prescription glasses, will be allowed while in school building. The Student-Parent Handbooks provide more information regarding uniforms. Specifically, oversized clothing, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, exposed backs or midriffs, and see-through garments are not permitted. Some files on this web site may require Adobe Acrobat Reader - download free. However, because of health and safety factors, because of the influence of dress and grooming on students' attitude and behavior, and because of the need to prevent disruptive influences and preserve the academic environment of the school, student dress and grooming are proper concerns of teachers and administrators. The rules adopted by the board must designate a source of funding to be used to provide uniforms for economically disadvantaged students. If the board determines that requiring school uniforms would improve the learning environment at a school in the district, the board may adopt rules that require students at that school to wear school uniforms. App Hosting; eSchool TAC (Chrome Only) Frontline; Mail Portal; Network Password Reset. Consequently, student grooming is the proper concern of school administrators and teachers. A parent or guardian of a student assigned to a school where uniforms are required may choose for the student to be exempted from the uniform requirement or for the student to be transferred to a school where uniforms are not required and at which space is available. Questions and Answers about Northside Hospital Dress Code. Network Password Reset ... NISD Dress Code. When those associations/friendships are expressed outwardly by the wearing of specific colors or displaying of jewelry items that stand out from the general student body disciplinary action may ensue. No tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, strapless, tube top, camisole type, see through are not allowed. No other body piercing jewelry is allowed. All Rights Reserved. The top of the shirt (shoulder) must be no less than 2 ½” wide and must come to the edge of the shoulder. Nederland Independent School District Home Page, District Improvement Plan English/Español, NISD Parent & Family Engagement Policy English/Español. ● Capri/ Cargo pants should be no less than one inch below the kneecap for both boys and girls. Cut-offs and intentionally frayed pants are also prohibited. ● No clothing with inappropriate holes, rips, tears or frayed will be allowed. Dress Code The district’s dress code is implemented (Section D page 7); therefore, students will be expected to follow the guidelines set forth by the district.

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