My physics classes were more difficult than my engineering classes. I'm not sure why. I'm not saying that a PhD is always the best idea, academia is nearly impossible since so many go for a PhD in Physics. Ah yes, the never ending battle between Physics and Engineering. Let the debate begin! A degree is more than just reading lists and exams. I believe this is simply because, on average, students interested in physics are of a higher caliber than students interested in engineering. © Copyright 2020, © 2001-2020 All rights reserved worldwide. I also have a passion for the study of Physics and am pursuing a minor in it. I took a wide variety of upper-level physics, chemistry, and ME/EE courses, and I consistently found physics classes to be the most difficult. I'm trying to pick based on what's in demand now, where the wind of innovation is blowing, and how to leverage my undergraduate degree as best as I can based on my interests. It's basically getting an Engineering degree while tacking on fundamental physics courses (quantum, e&m, statistical mechanics, etc.) Five Years, Three Co-ops in Summer 2/Fall, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, BSCompE, Electrical Engineering and Music with concentration in Music Technology, BSEE, Electrical and Computer Engineering, BSEE or BSCompE, Accelerated Bachelor/​Graduate Degree Programs, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, College of Professional Studies Undergraduate, 2020-21 College of Professional Studies Undergraduate PDF, Circuits and Signals: Biomedical Applications, Fundamentals of Digital Design and Computer Organization, Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone 1, Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone 2, Sustainable Energy: Materials, Conversion, Storage, and Usage, Introduction to Nanotechnology in Engineering, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Methods for Physics, Introduction to Engineering Co-op Education, Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions, Interdisciplinary Advanced Writing in the Disciplines, PHYS 2303 offered every fall, spring, and summer 2, PHYS 3600 offered every summer 1 and summer 2, PHYS 3601 offered spring and fall (even years), PHYS 3603 offered fall (even years) and summer 1 (odd years), PHYS 4305 offered every spring and summer 2 (even years), PHYS 4621 offered spring (odd years) and fall (even years), PHYS 4623 offered summer 1 and fall (even years), PHYS 4651 offered spring and fall (odd years). Both fields work hand in hand to do what they do without even knowing it, and one can do what the other has difficulty with. He says that a Physicist’s main job is to “Produce a paper explaining to others in the field some aspect of how the universe works,” and their professional achievement for something new is to publish a paper or a book. Insights and guidance from experts that will smooth the path during your college admissions journey. I just remember looking at each test thinking, "We studied this?!?" College Confidential. When you consider the opportunity cost of a PhD in Physics, you find that you basically set yourself back $1 million over the course of your life by getting a PhD. ... Physics major vs Engineering. If you don't have a passion for engineering don't do it. I know that I want to do graduate school, but in that realm I'm still not sure which is the best option. My point is that having a PhD definitely qualifies you over many other candidates. Kai can provide tips and support as you research and apply to colleges, and explore majors and careers. Please contact your academic adviser for additional information and plans of study. In some schools, an engineering minor is a possibility. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, PhD*, MS. Aerospace, BS. I love space and computers and would like to be an entrepreneur some day. Qualified engineering physicists, with a degree in Engineering Physics, can work professionally as engineers and/or physicists in the high technology industries and beyond, becoming domain experts in multiple engineering and scientific fields. Software companies for the most part want someone that can do the job. I'm going into my senior year at a school on West Coast studying EE. If so, it's better to think of a PhD as a form of a low-pay job. University of Georgia Honors vs Georgia Tech for an Engineering Major.

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