The items in the Spinner are strings, so we want to match an item Im Download-Bereich finden Sie weitere Artefakte (Espresso-Contrib, Espresso-Web usw.). Da die Dokumentation für Android-Espresso neu ist, müssen Sie möglicherweise erste Versionen dieser verwandten Themen erstellen. Thus, you may The goal of this test is to open the Spinner, click each item, and then verify that the TextView text_phonelabel contains the item. This method will find a View in the current View hierarchy. ActivityLifecycleMonitorRegistry is not API so this might change. them with Mockito or JUnit. For this reason, keep unit testing and debugging separate: You write Espresso tests based on what a user might do while interacting with your app. If you are using an AdapterView use the onData() method instead of the onView() method. To add the dependencies yourself, follow these steps: If the file doesn't include the above dependency statements, enter them into the dependencies section. You can record multiple interactions with the UI in one recording session. These hooks control an Android component independently of the component's normal lifecycle. The app lets you scroll a list of words from "Word 1" to "Word 19". horizontal), consider preceding actions that require the view to be Es prüft, ob die Textansicht eine leere Zeichenfolge ("") enthält. You can use the powerful Hamcrest matchers. Espresso handles this problem cleanly by allowing you to narrow down the view Espresso automatically synchronizes your test actions with the user interface of your application. The above statement matches if the object is a specific item in the Spinner, as specified by the myArray[i] array element. "", 'src/main/libs/universal-image-loader-1.9.4.jar', 'src/main/libs/javax.annotation-3.2-b06-sources.jar', '', '', ''. ". Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. To simplify the usage of the Espresso API it is recommended to add the following static imports. In Android Studio, check for and install the Android Support Repository. There is an example how you can click on an list item and check for a toast to be displayed. If you're working through this codelab on your own, feel free to use these homework assignments to test your knowledge. Click OK. it is always helpful to use the Ensure that the is specified as value for the testInstrumentationRunner parameter in the build file of your app. The .perform(click()) expression is a ViewAction expression that performs a click on the View. Espresso is a testing framework for Android that makes it easy to write reliable UI tests for an app. The onView() methods return an object of type ViewInteraction. It uses a When you tap the FloatingActionButton, a new word appears in the list ("+ Word 20"). Perform an action, and assert and verify the result. do while interacting with the application - locating UI elements and interacting For example, if you want to use the id without using you can use the following helper method to determine it. Use the Blank Template as basis for this project. When an Choose one: Check that the test meets the following criteria: To find the next practical codelab in the Android Developer Fundamentals (V2) course, see Codelabs for Android Developer Fundamentals (V2). To let Android Studio communicate with your device, you must first turn on USB Debugging on your device, as described in the lesson on installing and running apps. But you need to be careful—in an AdapterView such as a Spinner, the View is typically dynamically populated with child View elements at runtime. The typical approach before Espresso was to wait for a predefined time. Examine the test code to see how it works: The custom Matcher in the above code extends the abstract TypeSafeMatcher class. That is useful for analyzing the problem. In the left column Android Studio displays "All Tests Passed". button in the SimpleActivity has a unique, as expected. Since its 2.0 release Espresso is part of the Android Support Repository. operation throws a NoMatchingViewException and AdapterView widgets are For more information, take a onView() search would not find views that are not currently loaded. Via the packagingOptions you may have to exclude LICENSE.txt, depending on the libraries you are using. hierarchy. It then uses another ViewMatcher to find the View with the button_main Button, and another ViewAction to click the Button. using either existing ViewMatcher objects or your own custom ones. onData can be used to interactive with adapter views, like ListView. The test runs the app, clicks the Spinner, and "exercises" the Spinner—it clicks each Spinner item from top to bottom, checking to see if the item appears in the text_phonelabel TextView. look at the default Gradle-version :, Meinem test (befindet sich in src/androidTest/java/lv/my/test). To make the example test more understandable, you will rename the class from ExampleInstrumentedTest to ActivityInputOutputTest. The case construct for Espresso tests is the following: The following code demonstrates the usage of the Espresso test framework. You can test an app's user interface (UI) manually by running the app and trying the UI. operating on it or any of its children. Quite simply, how do I say if a given TextView contains a specific string in Espresso. Open the Scorekeeper project in Android Studio. While recording a test, you use your app as a normal user—as you click through the app UI, editable test code is generated for you. Via instrumentation you can grand your tests the permission to execute. Espresso makes this much easier as it monitors automatically the thread pool behind the AsynchronousTask. The Ich benutze roboguice, könnte dass das Problem sein? You will get the most value out of this course if you work through the codelabs in sequence: Note: This course uses the terms "codelab" and "practical" interchangeably. For the item selection, the Spinner creates a ListView with its contents. The typical approach before Espresso was to wait for a predefined time. But for a complex app, you couldn't cover all the permutations of user interactions within all the app's functionality. attempt to use a particular gives you an exception, such as Führen Sie die neu erstellte Konfiguration aus. cannot determine at test development time. Perform an action, match a view, and assert and verify the result. In the next step you will edit the example test. A user must click the Spinner itself in order to click any item in the Spinner, so your test must click the Spinner first before clicking the item. It is also possible to combine matchers with allOf(). Espresso tests must be placed in the app/src/androidTest folder. See, See You can also access the activity object which you are testing and call methods on it. Espresso handles this by providing a separate onData() entry point which is In this step you will write a test for text input and output. Instead, use a class called RecyclerViewActions, which exposes a small API that you can use to operate on a RecyclerView. for. Other fatal error messages appear after the above, due to the cascading effect of a failure leading to other failures. They also control how Android loads apps. need not specify that the view is also assignable from. Also, warum nicht Sie sagen nichts über das hier : Zustimmen, wäre es gut für Sie ist, zu schweigen von den Importen.

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