It will still open just before the 8:15 Mass. Greetings of the blessed season! Any names that you submit via this form will be printed and placed on the altar and remembered during Masses in November. He left behind his, Cecilia D’Souza (90), wife of the late Augustin D Souza, mother of Florine / Celin / Cyril / Mary / Amy / Francis / Flavy / late. 6412 Garnet Avenue Welcome to the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica. We invite you to join our welcoming parish by completing our online registration form. Funeral leaves residence at 3:30, Felix D’Souza aged 77 years, H/o Nathalia D’Souza, St Antony Ward passed away due to sickness. Email: Sad Demise: Irine Aranha aged 69 years, St Theresa ward. Sad Demise: Florine Dsouza, aged 92 years, St Francis Ward. Port Arthur, TX 77640-1308, Another wonderful evening at a parish for Bishop Toups. It bring us immense joy on this day to lunch our parish website titled, “Little Flower Church Niddodi” under patronage of the “Little Flower” –St. SANCTUARY: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower He left behind his wife with 4 children. Each year we have the opportunity to honor all our loved ones who have died at every Mass in November. Pastor: Passed away. In 1926, we were established as a parish with 28 families and over the years, have grown to 4,600 families. Kelly Catholic High School, Beaumont, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Port Arthur, St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus Parish, Port Arthur, In virtual meeting, Bishops focus on McCarrick report, pandemic and racism, Bishops, in virtual meeting, focus on McCarrick report, pandemic, racism, Weekdays: Tuesday: 5:00pm (6:00pm during day light savings time); Wednesday-Friday: 8:00am. 1:00pm-3:00pm, Street Address: In today’s world, media is a powerful tool of communication and in few moments, we can reach out to one another, making our world a global village. First Avenue, Bongaree (Bribie Island) QLD 4507. It will still open just before the 8:15 Mass., At 3 pm, the hour of Divine Mercy, Bishop Toups was leading prayer at the Port of Port Arthur. I hope you find the information useful and easy to maneuver through as you discover who we are and what we are about when it comes to our motto: ‘A small parish with a big heart.’ Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and know you are always welcome to come to Mass with us. St. Theresas Banner raised at Niddodi church, Sad Demise: Victor D’Silva (80), St. Francis Ward, Niddodi-Mira Road, Sad Demise: John Aranha, aged 84 years, Immaculate Conception Ward, Sad Demise: Cecilia D Souza, aged 90 years, Church Ward. Mr Ligory D’Souza aged 57 years, S/o late Hillary & Lilly D’Souza, H/o Leena D’Souza, F/o Lorin and Lisha, was staying Vasai, Santhan D’ Souza, aged 90 years, W/o Gabriel D’ Souza, M/o Edwin D’ Souza, valerian D’ Souza, Irene Pinto, Cicilia D’, Name: Florine D’ Souza, W/o Late Bernard D souza, aged 92 years from St Francis Ward passed away on 2nd April, 2020. Today, Oct 10, was at St. Helen Orangefield. SUBSCRIBE NOW $1 for 3 months. Victor D’Silva (80), Niddodi-Mira Road, son of Marcel D’Silva / Santhan D’Silva, husband of Irene D’Silva, father of Renita /, John Aranha, S/o Francis Aranha & Sobin aranha, H/o of Carmin Aranha from Parneer, Kudripadav passed away on on 19-01-2020. The Church of the Little Flower has reopened for Sunday and weekday Masses. Port Arthur, TX 77640, Mailing Address: Welcome to the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica. The seriousness of this pandemic, however, dictates that we follow strict guidelines and important safety measures. Sunday: 7:30, 9, & 10:30am and 12pmSaturday Vigil: 5 pmWeekdays (Mon-Fri): 8:15 am & 12 Noon. Sad Demise: Henry Mendonca (53), Kudripadav, Niddodi. Sad Demise: Felix D’ Souza, aged 77 eyars, St Antony Ward, Agari. Due to the additional disinfection procedures, the church will now close by 2:30 pm.

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