Getting the best finch feeder isn’t rocket science. Many of these outlets are more concerned with profit margins than having knowledge about a specific product. Dozens of birds can dine at one time on this inexpensive feeder. To make cleaning easy, the base can also be removed to flush clumped thistle out when it rains. The right combination of bird feeders, bird seed, and environmental factors is the key to attracting the species you want to see. Therefore it is important to use good quality, mature seed to save money. Observing that Gold Finches love Nyjer seed and it is “similar” looking to thistle seed, is believed to be the path of Nyjer seed also being called thistle seed. Other plants that have been known to attract finches include cottonwood fluff, cattails, and milkweed. Last weekend I put out a thistle seed sock feeder in another part of the yard in hopes to attract finches. Seriously, the Perky Pet LH00355 Solar Finch Bird Feeder is arguably the only thistle feeder with an impressive architectural design. So you can just attach it to a larger saucer. Wagner’s Finches Supreme Feed, 5-Pound Bag. The seed which yields empty shells will always be more costly in the long run than paying more at the purchase point and receiving fully ripe food. Birds can get stuck, and in sad yet bizarre situations, die if no one’s around set them free. Don’t forget always to clean the feeder before the seeds become soggy. However, you shouldn’t expect the socks to last more than a month or a few refills. Mesh feeders usually have a tray, but it won’t be large enough. This means flushing it out with water, then clean with a water mixture of ten parts water to one part bleach. It’s made with the best of materials in mind, so you can expect to use this feeder for many seasons. When thistle starts sprouting in their yards, some determine to never use this feed again. Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Bird Food, 20-Pound Bag. Earning the top spot is a finch feeder that serves only finches. Goldfinches have an interesting habit of mating later in the season than most birds. Some nyjer seed feeders are designed very similarly to a, Sock feeders are well-liked by Goldfinches and Chickadees. Shiny black seeds retain the oils that keep finches well nourished and birdwatchers enjoying them. Goldfinches are sociable and will visit backyard feeders in hungry flocks of 30 or more. It allows the birds to have more options to eat around the feeder even when it’s low, rather than crowding and fighting at a spot. Thankfully, the feeder opens easily, has no crevices for seeds to get stuck. This forces the finches to eat upside down, which is one of the ways they eat in the wild. It even comes with a long cleaning brush, which solves a lot of future headaches because this type of narrow tube feeders can be hard to clean. This is because the nyjer seed is expensive and spoils fast. (function() { Most bird watchers are delighted with the entertainment provided by their visitors to a thistle bird feeder. The top and bottom of the feeder are made with die-cast metal, which would see no rust or damage from little birds for years. If you are looking for the ultimate blend that is preferred by most finches, pick up the. So be prepared for this. When is the best time to see cedar waxwings? Also, you can refill the bag a couple of times before the birds tear out the holes. This results in the birds getting full with less seed to search through and creating less waste. Find Kaytee products that finches will love by. Second Tip:  Ensure a proper feeder is used designed specifically for nyjer seed only. Answered. Another helpful feature is its sloppy base. If you don’t have a cleaner or hose, you can purchase one that opens at the bottom. (, Another positive feature of the thistle bird feeder is that the perches are too difficult to manage and ports are too small to allow. The Kaytee Sock Feeder is one of the good ones that you can try. Home | About Us | Shopping | I have … It is 23″ tall and has eight ports that should be enough, and if not, you can try their 36″ inch feeder. This matters a lot so as not to become frustrated after you buy a feeder. It has a mesh construction that attracts clinging but also features a ladder with a foot landing around the feeder for perching birds. Moreover, this feeder is affordable, and the issue with its small tray is excusable since it may attract larger birds. They simply land, cling and pull out thistle seeds through the mesh while, Attracts American Goldfinches in droves and they are a delight to watch. In fact, I’ve used a black finch feeder that attracts just as much when placed side-by-side with a yellow one. Those that particularly enjoy thistle are goldfinches, Cassin's finches, house and purple finches, pine siskins and redpolls. Finches won’t feed on brown, old-looking seed. Thistle or Nyjer seed is the preferred food of Goldfinches. Just be sure you’re pairing this sunflower feeder with any type of finch feeder above for best results. They tend to build their nests and mate from June through August. The feeding arrangement of this feeder is unique. Thistle seed for finches wasted, help. Will feeding the birds during the winter months help them survive? It is usually a long plastic tube with a certain number of perches with feeding ports. Nyjer seed is a very small, light-weight black seed. They eat the thistle plant seeds and use the mature thistle down in their nests during breeding season. Its plastic tube is UV-protected and durable. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? medianet_crid = "572908758"; medianet_versionId = "111299"; Please check out these finch food products: Morning Song Goldfinch Thistle Wild Bird Food, 5-Pound. It’s almost impossible to find a finch feeder that won’t litter your yard. Plant thistle, dandelions, sunflowers, coreopsis, cosmos, service berry, birch, hornbeam, sweet gum, mulberry, hemlock, zinnias, elm and alder as garden food plants. '&https=1' : ''); Oh, and, just so that you know, a flock of finches is called a “, Fortunately, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 6 quality finch feeders starting with the. The females also line their nests with the down of thistle. These seeds are high in oil and easy to eat with their smaller beaks. There are several types of finch feeders available from many brands which also includes a mealworm feeder and the ones mentioned above. Fly-through platform feeders are especially good designs for winter bird feeding. It is so small that ordinary bird feeders cannot hold the thistle seeds. Store your thistle seed in a cool area or refrigerator to preserve it. It makes cleaning easier, especially if a cleaning tool like a brush is not provided by the manufacture. Kaytees' wild bird experts have determined the best tips and tricks for drawing finches to feeders. Click here to learn more about thistle seed. Remember that Goldfinches are year-round visitors to your backyard. With the Perky Pet Solar feeder, you can get a well-built feeder that not only attracts lots of finches but also beautifies your yard. Nyjer seed is not inexpensive, but well worth it. Offer water in a bird bath, with a dripper or mister. If you want the best nyjer seed feeder to attract finches, look no further than the Droll Yankees. And, as always, the essential environmental factor is water. Costing only a few bucks, it’s a good bargain for a lighthouse that would leave visitors to your home wowed. The netted socks are a good size, not small. Nyjer seed is so small and light that it takes only a little breeze to empty a feeder quickly. ? (Finches love mixed seed too, but maybe not quite as much as straight thistle seed. Plant grassy, weedy species, as well as plants and flowers with many seeds. House Finches love millet, milo, and like Purple Finches safflower seed. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms. A Goldfinch feeder can also come in other shapes than a tube.

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