Sponsors may be British citizens. Do you need to apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa? Dividends or other income from investments, stocks and shares, bonds or trust funds.

The applicant is the subject of a deportation order at the date of the application. You may be able to switch into an Unmarried Partner Visa if you are currently in the UK with a valid leave for a period exceeding six months. Once the applicant has completed the application, they should provide evidence to meet the above requirements for the Home Office to consider the application. The visa centre appointment is rather non-eventful and generally involves two things: i) You provide the Home Office with your Biometric data. It is important to note, you will still have to show that you continue to meet the financial requirements. Please note that UK law does not recognise polygamy, meaning only one wife (in the case of a polygamous union) will be recognised in the UK. My immigration matter was an indefinite leave to remain application based on Tier 1 on a self-employment basis. In order to show a genuine and subsisting relationship, the Home Office:-Proof of cohabitation;Equal responsibility for the children.Share of financial responsibilitiesYou must have physically seen and visited each otherThere is an intention to live permanently in the UK. You cannot switch to this category if you are on a visa which does not allow you to stay for more than 6 months. Partners looking to apply under this route must be able to show they have been living together for the past 2 years. +44 (0)20 3761 1901 I am glad that i instructed Reiss Edwards on my visa matter. There are a variety of reasons why this can happen, including supplying incorrect documents, not disclosing previous visa or immigration issues, or assuming that the Home Office would be lenient or would find information themselves. An individual who prior to 09-07-2012 had been granted an unmarried partner visa. Note also, that you will need to earn an additional £2,400 on the £22,400 to be eligible for every additional child dependent.Note however, that if the sponsor in the application is currently receiving disability or caregivers allowance, they will be exempt from meeting the English language requirement. Therefore, check out our spouse visa UK requirements 2020 guidance here, which discusses the financial requirement in great detail. The sponsor must be either a British citizen or a person with indefinite leave or permanent residence status in the UK. The Home Office' immigration rules specify that "unmarried partners" refers to persons who in a genuine and subsisting relationship for minimum of two years. SET5.1 What is the definition of a sponsor?

If I am applying outside the UK, what application form do I need to fill for the UK unmarried partner visa application? Whilst different translation companies charge differently, in the UK, the average cost of this is between £80-£120 per document. In any case, it’s crucial that the UK-based partner is living and remaining in the UK without immigration restrictions. the relationship may be less than 2 years’ duration. Since he has never been issued a UK visa, he will have to submit the unmarried partner visa application from outside the UK. #5 The applicant will not be able to claim most UK benefits whilst on a UK unmarried partner visa. ‘Living together’, should be applied fairly tightly, with a couple providing evidence that they have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership which has subsisted for two years or more.

A higher threshold of £22,400 is required for sponsoring a child, with an additional £2,400 for each subsequent child; The couple should have suitable accommodation for themselves and any dependents. #5 Supporting documents can now be uploaded online or alternatively, scanned at the appointment for an added fee. For extensions, an additional 30 months will be granted. Depending on the nationality of the sponsor, the applicant can apply to naturalise as British in 12 months.

it was not possible for the other partner to accompany; and. As a result of medical reasons, entry clearance is deemed undesieable. The following documents provide evidence for fulfilling the UK unmarried partner visa requirements: Your passport and 2 recent passport photographs; Evidence to prove that your relationship has been genuine and subsisting for 2 years or more; Evidence that you intend to live together permanently; Documents to show that you meet the necessary financial requirements, including: Relevant sources of income and necessary savings; The time periods and permitted combinations of income sources applicable to each permitted source relied upon; Reliable evidence for each permitted source of income. In short, our £285 DIY Application pack service will provide you with a tailored document checklist and set of letter templates that are made according to the information that you provide us – saving you time and money.

If James pays the Home Office fee on the online application website for an unmarried partner visa before 5thJanuary 2020, then this is perfectly OK as Section 3C leave will automatically extend James’ visa until the unmarried partner visa has been decided. If you are applying from inside the UK, then you can ignore this step – the Appendix 2 of VAF4a: Financial requirements form will not be required. Dissolved civil partnership: evidence of the dissolution, for example, dissolution certificate. Our immigration law experts are here to help with immigration matter when British or settled persons in the UK wish to bring their unmarried partner or same-sex partner to the UK. Such absence from the UK is not of itself a reason for refusal. You cannot get immigration advice through this service.

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