Diet soft drinks aren’t always a better solution. Just try to find a healthcare practitioner to work with you–very difficult–who can help you get off your drugs and not be needlessly exposed to hypoglycemia. It is because, as I described earlier, the dwarf wheat grown in this country has changed the quality and type of gluten proteins in wheat, creating much higher gluten content and many more of the gluten proteins that cause celiac disease and autoimmune antibodies. contacting Dr. Hyman’s UltraWellness Center. Children with bigger midsections have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.11 Abdominal fat in early pregnancy can be a predictor of gestational diabetes.12 The American Association for Cancer Research has found a direct link between visceral fat in adults and an increased risk of colon cancer, while a 2015 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society associated greater abdominal obesity in adults over 65, caused by drinking diet soda, with a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.13,14. Gluten-free eating is important for those who Researchers believe this difference is largely due to genetics — active belly fat genes behave differently than active thigh fat genes and may program fat cells to respond differently to hormones.2 Because of its specific location and function in the body (where it is often deposited in the liver), belly fat can be more harmful than obesity.3 Even thin people can carry this dangerous belly fat, or “skinny fat,” that increases risk of disease.4. Is the result of human hybridization, which in 50 years produced 25,000 varieties of wheat. Karastergiou, S. K. Fried, H. Xie, M.-J. Some of these foods are weighed down with trans fats and simple sugars, which can trigger your body to store excess belly fat, expanding your waistline over time. Sugar alcohols are sugar substitutes that can only be partially digested by the body. (3)  Rubio-Tapia A, Kyle RA, Kaplan EL, Johnson DR, Page W, Erdtmann F, Brantner TL, Kim WR, Phelps TK, Lahr BD, Zinsmeister AR, Melton LJ 3rd, Murray JA. Damage to the gastrointestinal tract from overuse of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil or Aleve, and acid-blocking drugs like Prilosec or Nexium, combined with our low-fiber, high-sugar diet, leads to the development of celiac disease and gluten intolerance or sensitivity and the resultant inflammation. You may already know to avoid refined grains, but are you sure you’re actually doing it? But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. avoid them and all is well. Gluten free cakes and cookies are still cakes and cookies! It just makes me so mad when I read about the type of “diet” he is advocating for life. The first major difference of this dwarf wheat is that it contains very high levels of a super starch called amylopectin A. In addition, when chewing gum, you swallow air. If you have an intolerance to lactose, which many individuals suffer from, you can have difficulty digesting and absorbing it, which leads to excess gas, bloating, and even diarrhea. Low-level inflammation reactions to gluten trigger the same problems even if you don’t have full-blown celiac disease but just have elevated antibodies (7% of the population or 21 million Americans). Her food and nutrition blog can be found at However, this inflammation is not selective, so it begins to attack our cells—leading to diabesity and other inflammatory diseases. How is it that a blueberry muffin or onion bagel can trigger weight gain? Now, if you love gum, there’s no need to give it up entirely. Best of luck and hang in there! 4 Natural Ways to Turn Back Time, Add These Fiber-Rich Foods to Your Diet to Fight…, About Donna Gates – Nutrition & Gut Health Expert, The Gut Recovery / Body Ecology 101 Masterclass. These options are lower in unhealthy saturated fats, but they typically contain just as much sodium as traditional options. Abdominal Obesity, Independent from Caloric Intake, Accounts for the Development of Intestinal Tumors in Apc1638N/ Female Mice. Avoiding inflammatory wheat is important, but the body may never recover fully if it isn’t given the proper support from healing probiotics and essential nutrients. Can you explain how two such totally differing opinions can exist? Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. With the help of the Body Ecology Core Program, designed to help heal digestion and improve overall wellness, you can balance your inner ecosystem and decrease the inflammatory cascade that is causing the body to store excess belly fat. Keep strong, then one day you will walk past the bakery counter and not even look and be surprised. The cravings will disappear if you stay strictly away from wheat. This notion is wrong at many levels, though it can work for some genetic types (e.g., apo E4). It is SO much more than about losing weight, honestly. And these foods don’t all work in the same way. Making simple changes each day can have a transformative effect on your health. “It is true that many popular weight-loss diets target the grains food group, emphasizing eliminating these foods completely from your diet,” McKeown says. and again, and again, and again. Hi Sheri, Like the good Doctor said you will get hooked on how well you feel after even a week or a few more days. In addition, ice cream is made from cow milk, which means that it contains lactose, the form of sugar found in milk. Whole wheat has a higher glycemic index than a Snickers bar. Esselstyn.) When you do choose to have ice cream, moderate your portion by limiting your serving to 1/2 cup to 1 cup and avoid having ice cream more than once every other week. Refined flour (think white flour) elevates blood sugar and increases insulin, telling your body to store more and more fat, right in your belly. Before you feel too disappointed about the belly-bloating abilities of ice cream, remember that it’s fine to enjoy this treat on occasion, just as with any food that isn’t the best for your belly. Here’s the downside. “Children With Fatter Midsections At Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Disease, Study Finds.”. Dr. Davis has personally reviewed each and every product. What are your thoughts on this? (2) Dalla Pellegrina C, Perbellini O, Scupoli MT, Tomelleri C, Zanetti C, Zoccatelli G, Fusi M, Peruffo A, Rizzi C, Chignola R. Effects of wheat germ agglutinin on human gastrointestinal epithelium:  insights  experimental model of immune/epithelial cell interaction. Can’t get rid of that extra belly fat no matter how hard you try? The Top 6 Fabrics You Should Avoid Wearing and Why, Can You Reverse Gray Hair? When I realised what it was that made me behave in such a way, I was both relieved and shamed. Wheat Belly Hearty Entrees. I eat rice all the time. The old fourteen chromosome containing Einkorn wheat codes for the small number of gluten proteins and those that it does produce are the least likely to trigger celiac disease and inflammation. That is a great start, Sheri!! Wishing you health and happiness, In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, for example, scientists reported that people age 70 and older who ate the most carbohydrates in relation to protein and fat were at nearly four times the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment than their counterparts who ate fewer carbs. Dr. Alessio Fasano, a celiac expert from the University of Maryland School of Medicine discovered a protein made in the intestine called “zonulin” that is increased by exposure to gluten (5). Am J Pathol. Yes, be sure and read it, Tom is a comedic genius! The history of wheat parallels the history of chronic disease and obesity across the world. It is important to note that today’s wheat is only sturdy when cultivated with fertilizer and under human supervision. This is how we get big fluffy Wonder Bread and Cinnabons. I make the bread in small loaf pans or muffin tins as I think the “bread” holds up better in those forms. If you spread out the lining of your gut it would equal the surface area of a tennis court. I no longer prowl the kitchen 2 hours after eating a big meal and just grab anything, preferably a chunk of bread with something on, just because I’m addicted to wheat. What about sprouted grains as in Eziekiel bread?? If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your healthcare provider promptly. Eating the Wheat Belly way is rich, varied, and delicious!

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