If you want to have long-lasting results you need to alter your day-to-day diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you want help with the actual diet to see if you are following it correctly (as in the 1 egg per every fat ratio) consider joining the facebook group where there are many people who can help you with the daily plan. He called it an Egg Fest and created the following rules to guide him: The fast is designed to work well for 3 to 5 days, but many follow the guidelines for a week or more without any trouble. Can I still have that on an egg fast? I just wanted to say thanks so much for making all this info available! Here is the link to the Facebook group for Egg Fast. That always works best for me! I’m so happy I found your site! Also going to try bsc for the first time. So far, I am enjoying your different recipes. Today I didnt risk taking it, i just had green tea instead since I was not sure about coffee. Ketoconcern.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. What Are Some Easy & Delicious Egg Fast Recipes? *fingers crossed*. I just finished the 3 day egg fast and followed it to the “T”…I just got on the scale and gained 2 lb.s…. My plan is to egg fast during the week and on the weekends, do a transition of two meals egg fats, one meal protein/ fat. I’m planning to try it and track my results. That is not a good thing! But just a little skeptical that going nearly 800 calories over will likely keep me stalled. Tons of recipes and out of this world support! I have been omad forever and I do 3 to 5 day full fasts, only to see the weight reappear after a first meal, as if I did not fast at all. I’m having 2 bullet proof coffees before that but can’t stomach the idea of eating before 11/12am. But it is now a once in awhile thing. I lost 2.6 lbs on day one look to avoiding the cheese today to see if it boosts my weight loss. It seems possible to lose 8-10 lbs (or more) a month this way and keep it off. I just feel I’m doing everything that I can without seeing results (it’s been almost 6 weeks) and unsure what I am doing wrong. I started it today I had 2 eggs for breakfast a yougurt for lunch and two eggs for dinner and coffee and water thru out the day .. Such as a small serving of chicken with boiled or deviled eggs for lunch and bacon as the fat for breakfast? Do not follow this diet for more than a week at a time. Been doing keto for a while now and looking to try the egg fast after reading some articles, including this one. I have a couple of questions. This can be helpful if you have a natural aversion to salad and vegetables. Shelley is absolutely correct, think lifestyle change not diet or you’ll be back where you started. Thanks so much for your comment! My weight had increased due to that over indulgent weekend and so I was really about 5lbs down net. Otherwise, yes it could be a problem. And for these few days, the Insanity workout is probably not a great idea! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! (Be sure to answer all the questions or they won’t let you in!). It steered me back into the right direction, so I’m happy for that. Even if you ate nothing, losing 15 pounds of fat in 15 days would require a metabolism of 3500 calories a day, not realistic. Writing about my first 5-day Egg Fats Experiment, I somehow missed the information about who (supposedly) first came up with the diet. I hope I can stick to it. There is a closed group on Facebook called Egg Fast – Stall = Breaker (diet) that I joined (and you can too if you’re interested) to get more information, and after reading through the threads it seems that the biggest issue people have is gaining the weight back when you go back to regular LCHF or keto.

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