Switched filter banks are used in receiver RF front ends and intermediate stages where low power RF circuits and components can be utilized to perform the switching and filtering functions. There are many things to keep in mind when needing a diplexer to perform a specific application while still meeting manufacturing costs. Bree Engineering part number 800105 is a three port biased T capable of handling over 1,000 watts dc and 10 watts of RF power. This lowpass RF Filter is set to operate with 200 Watt CW. A Single-Pole, N-Throw (SPNT) input and output switch is used to switch between each channel where N is the number of channels. Join our Social Community and keep in touch with all our latest technology investments, current news, upcoming events, and promotions. When considering a diplexer, the amount of signal rejection, acceptance, and isolation rates must be considered. The variety that we are able to provide while multiplexing is entirely up to our customers, and we will happily work with anyone to find a solution that matches your needs. (Other configurations are available.). The two RF filters will accept and reject signals based on their frequencies, or there may be a filter present that will search for a specific frequency so that a certain function can be performed by the application. NuWaves Engineering is a premier supplier of RF and Microwave solutions for Department of Defense (DoD), government, and industrial customers. This system has a common antenna that allows the transmission of two frequency bands; each band itself may receive and transmit signals. Filters are frequently required to withstand high power, in passband, stopband or both. All filters that pass high RF power experience self-heating that limits the filter's maximum power. The faster the system can switch, the quicker the data can be transmitted and received. Especially when more than 2 RF channels are required; custom designs are often necessary to meet the switching and filtering requirements. This combination can be altered based on customer specifications. 800819 This Diplexer is an example of our two channel multiplexers that we are able to design and manufacture at Bree Engineering. With this custom triplexer we at Bree Engineering were able to provide one of our customer with a varying passband ratio while still meeting their performance specifications. These RF filters can be configured in a number of formats to realize very simple to highly complex filter schemes. Low Profile Surface Mount LC Filter. MMICs vs. Discrete Circuits, What Are the Trade-Offs? 803691 There are several options available when designing a switched filter bank. Cutoff Frequency: 220 MHz. Bree Engineering part number 800150 is used as the IF discriminator filter in a High Probability Tracking Radar (HPTR). CH2: 2854 – 5940 MHz. Fast channel to channel switching speeds are more difficult to achieve when operating at high output powers. CH1: 1217 – 1237 MHz *:JZjz���������� �� ? A fast switching speed between RF ON/OFF and RF OFF/ON supports systems with high data rates. Our products are available in any Configuration, contact our sales team for details. For more information on switched filter banks or to request a quote on a custom solution for your application, contact NuWaves Engineering. 803924 The most common topology we use, typically involves a High Pass and Lowpass combination. CH2: 7600 – 18000 MHz 800300 – 800302 CH1: 0 – 2620 MHz CH2: 1562.5 – 2400 MHz. Werlatone High Power RF Passive Components. 800506 endobj 6 0 obj This High Pass RF Filter is set to operate with 200 Watt CW. THESE FILTERS ARE DESIGNED TO BE USED IN ANY HIGH This particular filter comes in one of our standard surface mount packages, but this filter can be applied to other package types. Communications systems are increasingly expanding into other markets and hence, increasing the requirement to prevent unintentional interference between systems. Other important advantages are their excellent power handling ability, low VSWR and extended stopbands. 800412 Bree Engineering model number 800825 is one in a series of 4 filters. High pass filter: The high pass filter is in many ways the inverse of the low pass filter. They will be used to detect enemy systems in the region based on the detected signal, as well as prevent certain military frequency signals from being detected by enemy forces using jamming techniques. Some of the issues that comes with a planar diplexer topology is that it has much lower power handling capabilities. Typical switching speed is 10 – 200 µsec. Today at Epec, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. One of Bree Engineering’s Bandpass Filters. The diplexer also has two filters. The passive components available in the Bree Engineering custom product lines include a broad range of both performance characteristics and unique applications. We have supplied waveguide filters in the 16 GHz range with a 1 KW average power handling capability. These diplexers offer high quality with low insertion losses. Power Handling:  3 KW average in passband, Dimensions (inches): 12.5 L x 6.1W x 6.1H, Advanced Simulation Technique for Real-time Optimization of Cavity Filters, Evanescent Mode Filters Using Strongly-Coupled Resonator Pairs, NASA's JPL JUNO Project & RS Microwave Participation. Within the diplexer, there is a transmitter port to send out signals, a receiver port to gather signals, and an antenna port. MCV Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of RF Microwave filters including the low pass filter, multiplexer, high pass filter, diplexer, and band pass filter.

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