The lip usually has a crude finishing with unfinished drippy bottom. © 1996-2020 The Bottle Den. For example, soda bottles from the mid-to-late 19th century commonly had a cylindrical body, elongated neck and a blob-top applied lip. Or are you rocking an Indiana Jones phase driving around town digging people’s backyard looking for long lost treasures of antique bottles? Applied Blob: The lip is slightly curved and appears to have a slightly thicker bottom. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Seams run under the applied lip. 30 0 obj Would you like to write for us? Describe 2020 In Just One Word? Scratches, if not too severe, can be buffed before cleaning a bottle, or a cutter can be used in the first stage of tumbling, to minimize or remove them. Mint bottles are usually not dug, except in rare cases. /Type /Page /Root 28 0 R Attic bottles seldom have stain, other than inside content stain--which can result from liquid content reaction to the interior glass in a sealed bottle over a 100-200 year period. Most bottles before the 1950s feature embossed lettering. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? /Prev 219635 Glass bottles are made by mixing materials including sand, soda ash, limestone, and furnace-ready scrap glass, heating the mixture to as high as 1675 degrees Fahrenheit, then formed using a press-and-blow or blow-and-blow process. Such bottles may have been produced in between 1840-1870. Any damage such or cracks or chips should still be noted--it is not enough to just say a bottle is rough, and let that be the basis for undescribed chips or cracks. The maximum temperature for these bottles is lower than glass-only bottles – plastic-coated glass bottles should not be used above 302 degrees Fahrenheit or over direct heat or flame. 0000014041 00000 n Their non-porous and impermeable nature means glass bottles have no chemical contaminants and do not degrade over time like plastic. Glass is used to protect the product, prevent deterioration and maintain odor and freshness. The color of a bottle can be used as a reference to determine the age of the bottle. /Parent 24 0 R A perfect bottle rates 9 out of 10. This is ideal for handling volatile substances as the plastic coating will contain the substance long enough after breaking the glass to arrange safe disposal. Most stain can be removed if a cutting agent is used before polishing, but some stains can be stubborn, and never be completely removed (especially some inside stain). As with food packaging, the trend towards waste reduction is making glass an increasingly attractive alternative to plastic. In recent years there has been a gradual departure from this standard. Perfume glass bottles have been in use since 1000 BC, when the Ancient Egyptians’ main use for glass was for storing perfume. /Info 25 0 R Glass is also seen as more up-market and visually appealing than other packaging alternatives, with the look and feel of a perfume bottle being an important part of consumers’ purchasing decisions. ABOUT PERFECT (7-8) - this is a bottle which has few if any condition flaws, though it may have minor stain and/or wear and/or light scratching. If your company can help provide supplies, capabilities, or materials for products such as N-95 Masks and Tyvek Suits — Please let us know. The degree of cracking and whether it is impact or manufacture related can vary greatly, as can it's affect on the display and value of the bottle. 0000018180 00000 n In evidence of my satisfaction I gave him a bottle of Scopolo, which Leah guaranteed pure. Bottles made after 1910 tend to have a smooth bottom with several numbers. He kept all of his anger bottled up inside him. Bottles dated before 1850 will have a flared, rolled, flanged, sheared or tapered lip compared to bottles of today, which are designed for a screw cap, such as the Mason's outside thread lip. Having plastic coating over glass gives users the chemical resistance of glass and the safety of plastic. Depending on one's point of view, and the level and quality of cleaning, the result can be considered a big improvement, or a detraction. If the bottle has already been cleaned, this should be mentioned, as a bottle in fair condition that has already been cleaned is not a likely candidate for further cleaning. COVID-19 Response Bottle definition, a portable container for holding liquids, characteristically having a neck and mouth and made of glass or plastic. 0 These types of lips were commonly seen in bottles produced between 1860-1910. Every mark, every imperfection on the body of the glistening glass bottle tell a story of the birth of that bottle. A note about embossing: What a bottle was used for (what "type" of bottle it was) can often be easily ascertained if there is e mbossing on the bottle. Why Are A, E, I, O, U, And Y Called “Vowels”? >> �1�^�Of��_Ǖ�3e�+�wN�BF���w/�y�K��*�ʟiU��-�0r0ݩ��b/�C��eHk�2+�]+�S0S*ؐP��]$Q�aH���mG//����K�L�E;A^����&��д R��� See more. Confusing antique bottles for cheap reproductions can be a common mistake most rookies make, but every bottle has a story to tell. "Case wear" occurs mostly on a bottle's high points (like the embossing) and is the result of above ground normal use during the life of the bottle, which if returned and reused many times can be many years. We hope you enjoy this website. Some common types of Glass Bottle applications include: Although glass bottles for food products are heavier than their plastic equivalents and risk breaking if dropped, they have a number of key benefits in terms of health and food safety. Sample Answers: The diagram illustrates the various stages in the recycling of waste glass bottles. /Font << /F12 31 0 R /F17 36 0 R >> /Size 43 /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageC] l��Sއ|��װ�)���9O��^�w ��K��J����"� � .o1c� ?i�4q��!���l�h�+/�0�0��Ѿ+�2>�1��O����bՒ�)�2g1c8y|&"Xg��O������ADjf�ʪ≽_)e��Cv;�b�R!-�n�H�T�u��O u居ܔ(R�8 $���i�K�[ŊYY-�G����=��8��.X��kA�ǵ8C�R `���q@�����V�Sc4d�q���w��'�wF���$)I7���VVΊ��!gf �č��"��'ťVL�\(�U�un��fUX$���!t~Y$�P���@� y>+�sR �,�ノ����>�xs��+�5��O��jR]&�)���Ԍ�̔��U\�� A tiny, clean, flat chip on the base of a bottle can be inconsequential, whereas a large, rough chip with associated bruising and cracks coming off of it can be devastating. See more. << Watch carefully until the liquid in the bottle begins to boil. Some stain creates a multi-colored rainbow effect in reflected light which some collectors admire. This type of lip on bottles was seen between 1840-1870. PERFECT (9) - a perfect condition bottle is nearly as good as it gets. a portable container for holding liquids, characteristically having a neck and mouth and made of glass or plastic. Look for "crazing"--cracks or stress lines around the neck of the bottle--common in bottles dated before 1920. A perfect bottle, upon very close inspection can have traces of very minor wear, scuffs or scratches - consistent with light use and age, but none of these are apparent or distracting with the naked eye under normal lighting. Identify other antique apothecary bottles by their characteristic cornflower blue and cobalt blue colors, many of which were embossed with company logos and text unique to their product. Any damage such or cracks or chips should be noted. An additional piece of glass is usually not attached as the lip. Antique bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A chip can be described as "flat" or "deep", "clean" or "rough". 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