Indian Education Commission (1966) describes teacher as one of the most important factors contributing to the national development. When employees experience, promotion and increase in compensation, then they felt immense pleasure and satisfaction, towards their jobs. The primary needs in this theory are the need for affiliation, for power. On the other hand, hygiene factors, which lead, to extrinsic satisfaction and cause dissatisfaction, include; administration, inter-personal, relationships, gratitude, organization, company policy and supervision, advancement, salaries. 550.indd outcomes are the aspects like performance, salary, good working conditions, work insurance. outcomes of the work, and knowledge of the actual results of the work activities. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. The job duties of the individuals are centred. adobe:docid:indd:5750aa39-d2e3-11db-b477-eeb91356db4d Opinion-International Journal of Business Management, Australian Journal of Business and Management Resear. The costs can be prohibitive. proof:pdf Herzberg calls these factors as the motivators which give the inherent, satisfaction, and represent the need for self-actualization and take part in refinement of the, person. 2014;32(1):32-9. The aspects such as vulnerability, helplessness does not arouse job satisfaction. PDF/X-1:2001 Thefirst professional probation officers in Croatia began their work in June 2011 when probation offices were opened. conditions to be comfortable. When a person feels that, management of the job and other issues is not a burden for him and he is able to take care of, all the needs and requirements, then he feels satisfied with his job; when his job makes. advancement, acknowledgement, position, and prospect. that an individual has about his job. As a person imbibes, interprets and disseminates the relevant items of culture and traditions of the past, he creates new knowledge, promotes innovations, critically appraises the past and its traditions and cultures, sifts the grain from the chaffe, strengthens social and economic fabrics of the nation. He is the pivot around which all the educational programs, such as curriculum, syllabus, textbooks, evaluation, etc., rotate. Adobe InDesign CC 14.0 (Windows) An, introduced Expectancy Theory in the 1930s. On. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. National Policy on Education (1986) rightly states “No people can rise above the level of its teachers”. With the rapid development of internet of things and the internet driven global economy, the relationship among various designers from all over the world are getting closer, and the relationships among them in the project are shaped by many new challenges such as multiplication of data and information, mass customization, global collaboration, scarcity of resources, dynamic technology, etc. The viewpoint that job satisfaction is a distinct concept and employees generate, inclusive attitude towards work is noticeable in research studies during the 1970s. On the other hand, men give more importance to pay, benefits and promotional opportunities. potential, pursuing personal growth and experiences, personal progress and development. Supervisor support is, defined as the extent to which the leaders and the administrators make provision of care for, the welfare of the employees and value their contributions, employees feel that they are receiving support, care and assistance from their supervisor, they.

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