Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They just have to give you forward notice that someone is coming. im not sure if i should be awkward, i think im just annoyed that it was his his fault that a set of keys were lost (with our address on the tag) and his response when we asked him to therefore change the locks was to drag his feet and try to get us to just give him a copy of our keys. There was a maintenance and apparently maintenance guys lost the keys for several apartment. I give at least 24 hours notice to my tenants in compliance with local law. Just to build on the good advice given so far on searching: yes, methodical is the way to go, one room at a time. You really do not want some random person finding the keys, and using them to steal your stuff. In the fridge, in the freezer, in the dishwasher. A landlord … Actually, I should of have been more clear on the situation. He has also informed us that he has lost the keys and wants us to get a copy cut for him so that he could provide the estate agent with access. Given that they're not familiar to you, are you sure that you can remember exactly what they look like? Now go get those copies made and a new. Note left on car after parking outside someone's house. The landlord should then contact the listing agent. Here are the top three places I lose things when I am tired or distracted: Laundry, down the side of the bed or tangled in the sheets, between cushions on a sofa/chair, wherever my cats like to hide toys to play with. Sometimes I end up tearing my hair out because the image in my head of what I'm looking for actually turns out to be quite different to what they look like. I once knocked a Sharpie off my desk and couldn't find it anywhere. Always change locks between tenants to reduce landlord liability in the event a former tenant, guest, or … Take them off completely if it's possible. All the answers were best, but I best answered a semi-random few that were most directly relevant to my situation. Dig through the trash. The listing agent might pay to have the lock rekeyed, or the landlord should be responsible for this. The keys belong to the landlord and must be returned at the end of the tenancy. Invite a friend over to help you search - fresh eyes searching can be the difference. It's amazing how much more successful you are at finding stuff if you don't feel like you are supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. Also check any drawers in the kitchen - I can imagine keys would be hard to see right away if your utensils are as disorganized as mine are. And under your keyboard(s), as this is usually where small things lost on my desk are hiding. My aunt just found a set of my keys that had been lodged in a crevice of my grandfather's recliner for at least the last four years. What they said. If they aren’t abiding by the terms set forth in the lease (entering without notice/permission), then notify them they are not honoring the lease. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. He seemd to think that was a ridiculous request. Message deleted by MNHQ. I'm baffled, embarassed, and trapped inside my apartment. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. You need at least 24 hours notice of a viewing, OR you provide them with days and times where they may book appointments (you will have to include a weekend day) and tell them all appointments can be arranged for then, but must be confirmed by you.You can also state categorically that NO viewings are to take place unless you are present.This is YOUR RIGHT, so don't let them bully you into being inconvenienced.Has your LL given you notice? This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 9 messages.). It's been a month and he hasn't given me any quotes or rekeyed the front door. Clearly that worked! Start in one corner of one room. Do you have a trusted friend that you could call? One day later, I saw maintenance people on my floor, they were knocking the door and asking every resident if they saw the lost keys. Tidy up as you go; put things in their right places even if said things are not your keys. You really do not want some random person finding the keys, and using them to steal your stuff. A landlord has a right to have keys to their properties. My landlord wants to copy my keys for the apartment that I'm renting. well actually when we are living in the flat they are our keys for our home.we have sctually decided to just give him a copy of the second key. I'd definitely retrace all your steps or else I don't see how you can avoid telling the landlord. Share with Tangle Teezer - £100 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. This is their 6th-month into the lease and one of them has lost the key. His next move will be to send a locksmith to change the locks and then bill you for it. Lost keys mean the security of your investment property has been compromised; therefore, you may require them to handle the costs incurred in changing the locks as well. Just wanted to echo "search everywhere" as everyone else has said, and to add: don't search merely the places (fridge, pockets) where things are supposed to be put down. Sometimes when I'm searching for small things that have dropped on the floor, I lay a flashlight on the floor and sweep around the room looking for either oddball shadows or a reflection if the thing is metallic (turning the lights off helps a bit). Sounds like you have no recourse but to prostrate yourself before the landlord and beg for mercy. If you tear through like a whirlwind you'll just make a bigger mess for them to hide in. Here are some approaches: Check where you normally put your keys very, very thoroughly. basically, i know i was being over dramatic but was just so upset over his attitude.I suppose i am asking if i was right that as he lost our keys we were in the right to demand that the locks were changed?

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