Don't be afraid to make mistakes, to experiment, to fail, and to try again. Everyone that used to play Abzan has probably moved on to Jund or some other deck; but not me. Midrange decks tend to shine after sideboarding, when they can hone themselves to perfection for a particular matchup. Each deck in Yugioh belongs to a specific typing based on a variety of attributes. The Rock's multi-pronged approach to a match is key to midrange strategies, though midrange color pairs have become more and more flexible in recent seasons. Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are the 1-mana discard spells of choice in Modern. Mr. Lax's deck looks much different from the other decks featured over the past few weeks. Current Standard has some interesting options in terms of discard. Jund has long been one of the most successful decks in Modern, but the format continues to shift away from that strategy. Going down to two colors allows you to play more basics and gives you the option of playing a powerful disruption spell in Blood Moon. Abzan has been and will always be my favorite modern deck and this list proves that it can still do good in a competitive setting. Magic: The Gathering and its respective properties are copyright Wizards of the Coast. on October 27, 2014. It can remove small creatures early against aggressive decks, and gain some life in the meantime. Like Abzan, it features a small handful of potent creatures. He navigated through thirteen rounds of play against control decks, fast creature decks, burn decks, opposing midrange decks, and plenty more. Yu-Gi-Oh! Late 2015 and Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar saw the rise of four-color midrange decks, Dark Jeskai the most notable among them. The challenge is to find early plays that are good across all matchups and maintain their value throughout the game. Pick the Brain is a little more expensive than we usually want at three mana, but if your midrange deck looks like it can reliably hit delirium, it's a solid way to disrupt a deck that has only a small handful of ways to win the game. Courser of Kruphix can sit in play holding off weenie creatures while also giving you long-run card advantage and a healthy bit of lifegain. Midrange decks are aggressive decks that flip the standard aggro-control deck archetype by attempting to control the early game, then going aggressive with large creatures in the mid to late game. Card advantage is important to midrange decks. Midrange typically features very few creatures in the 1-2 CMC range and instead tries to win with creatures in the 3-6 mana range while casting aggressive removal, board sweep, discard, and ramp … They're also more important in a combo- or control-heavy metagame, and less effective against aggro. Dropping the green and playing straight B/R with all creatures that create value on their own may be the next iteration. Format: Standard. With the arrival of Theros came Thoughtseize, an important card in picking apart opposing strategies, and Fleecemane Lion, a card great early against aggro and difficult for control decks to deal with later. A typical midrange deck plays either Gruul or Jund colors, as these colors provide the most options for aggressive creatures and aggressive removal. The deck ramped up to these threats with cards like Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves, found the cards it needed with Vampiric Tutor, and threw a wrench into opposing game plans with Duress and Rapid Decay. Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. And now a look at @GavinVerhey... As a fan of Magic's story and flavor, there are few products I look forward to more than the yearly Commander decks. The red player might decide to attack and lose one of his or her creatures, just to get in damage, in which case the Abzan player has killed one creature for free. She's decidedly blue and is the #1 hater of Siege Rhino in the Multiverse. We haven't talked much yet about planeswalkers, and I think they fit nicely in this step of building. Against control? At what point does a deck stop being aggro and start being midrange, or stop being midrange and become entirely controlling? Evaluating the threats means looking at what creatures your opponents are likely to play and assessing the strategies bubbling to the top of whatever metagame you'll be playing in.

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