Check out more hunting articles. Horses will be the main means of transportation to get deep into the backcountry, then we will backpack up for the final stalk. The hunts begin on July 15. Our cougar outfitters operate here in Alberta where most of the highest Boone and crocket cougars have come from, this stealthy animal is a true killing machine of elk deer and moose and must be hunted to the full quota every year to maintain its population,  Alberta has the highest density of cougars anywhere in the world and that is why our cougar hunting is so good. The club mission is to spread the passion for deer hunting to all species of deer and to all people. Whitetail Slam requires hunters to travel to new areas and hunt whitetails in different habitats, unique conditions and varrying rut times. Thus the Super Slam® of North American Big Game was born. On this 12 day hunt you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life, enjoy every minute of it as usually you only harvest one polar bear in your lifetime,   You will utilize snowmobiles and dog sleds for transportation on this hunt and once a Huge mature Boar is spotted that’s when the true adrenaline kicks in and the stalk will start. These northern areas are so big that you simply cannot hunt all the areas, so rams are able to achieve old ages and grow big horns, an 8-year-old ram or full curl is usually a rule, but a huge old heavy broomed off ram is taken off the mountain also. Super Slam of North American Big Game ® The Super Slam of North American Big Game® is perhaps the most challenging of all established hunting slams. Defiantly the hardest of the 4 north American rams to harvest as they live in remote areas and in the most unlikely spots as they do not like to be bothered, they have eyes like an eagle and a sixth sense like no other animal alive. California is the only place the Tule Elk live making that a unique and pricey trophy. Our outfitters for Southern Alberta mule deer hunts are among the best in the business, harvesting big old mature mule bucks is nothing like any other deer hunting, these are the biggest of the 5 species of deer and can weigh up to 250 pounds, and score in the 180-200-inch Boone and crocket range. Love hunting teal. The Dall sheep is the cheapest of the 4 rams and usually the first ram to be hunted for the grand slam of sheep, we have been super successful with all our clients for years on these hunts so give us a call as we only work with the best outfitters in the business on these hunts. The use of 4x4 vehicles with high racks is a great method to use in Mexico as you can get high enough above the bush to see the deer. N. America Big Game Super Slam Silver Coin CollectionYou are viewing a North America Big Game Super Slam Silver Proof Collection by North American Hunting Club.This is a Complete 27 Piece Silver Proof Collection in the Original Case. Dream big, lay plans, saddle up and grab your adventure. Why settle for the same 100-acre deer lease year after year? The hunts are booked for 10 days and spring or fall hunts are available. NORTH AMERICAN BIG Game Super Slam Silver Proof Collection Complete 27 Coin Set - $765.23. A hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to complete a slam. Moose hunting takes place during the rut in remote areas of northern Alberta Canada. We hold some of the most sought after whitetail deer hunting tags in all of the province, 1/2 hour south of the famous bow zone in Edmonton. **Shipping will be within 24 hours of the auction by USPS Priority Mail/INSURED** Thank you for taking a look, If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant The Super Ten of North American big game has become the most popular award within the Grand Slam Club/Ovis family. We accompany all our hunters on these hunts so there is never any problems or confusion, I speak Spanish, so communication isn’t a problem either, make sure to call me as I only work with the best outfitters in Sonora and I have a great reputation on these hunts and in Sonora.

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