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If you’re moving to South Korea, chances are you are going to be an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Especially when moving to Korea, there are many items you may not realise will be readily available.
If moving to Korea is something you’re interested in, I have compiled a comprehensive and realistic list of items you’ll probably need should you find yourself wondering what to pack for Korea. DONATE Hey Akis! 5.

Foreign branded toothpaste is available in some speciality shops, but it comes at a speciality price. Other situations may not be so nice. A healthy sense of humor and a willingness to accept, or at least deal with, being way out of your comfort zone. If you can’t live... Bras and underwear – These may be difficult to find depending on your size and build. 9. If a purchase is made by following one of these links we receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you. SHAMPOO PERFUMES HAIR STYLING PRODUCTS There’s no reason to pay more for a mini stick of deodorant in Korea than you would for a meal. Toothpaste: This can go either way, but Korean toothpaste has a very different texture, feel and taste when compared to toothpaste from some other countries. Remember this is an international flight. Suit Jacket CHECKED BAG LUGGAGE(1 BAG)

You’ll have to get the right Korea winter wear. Deodorant: While you can definitely find deodorant at some stores like Watson’s or in foreigner-heavy areas such as Itaewon, they are overpriced. All rights reserved. 16. Don’t forget, in the end of the video, I mention what not to pack in your checked bag. TSA APPROVED LOCKS DRY SHAMPOO When moving abroad or going on a long vacation, it can be tempting to pack every single item in your bathroom, but you don’t need to. Face washes, toners, etc: You might be tempted to bring along your favourite face wash, but these are very heavy, space-consuming items that you are better off leaving at home. What to Pack for South Korea – An EPIK Packing List Posted on November 16, 2017 January 24, 2020 by Brit After the hectic roller coaster that applying and accepting an English teaching job in Korea entails, an almost equally stressful task arises – packing for a year abroad. RING LIGHT (18″ Neewer w/stand) Copyright © 2020 Saxoncourt. 18. Many older articles recommend travellers bring their own deodorant and more, but that’s not the case anymore. Subscribe, hit the that says “All”, and come back every Friday, so you never miss a video. UNDERWEAR 3. BAGS What to Pack When Moving To Korea Coffee: Good news … On a similar note as the topic above, we brought way too many fancy clothes. 1. 6. Here’s a breakdown of what bathroom essentials visitors and residents recommend you pack when going to Korea and what they recommend you purchase there!
Many older articles recommend travellers bring their own deodorant and more, but that’s not the case anymore. CONTENT CREATOR: GOING OUT SHOES 7. What should you leave at home? PANTS — Sandals. SHOES EVERYDAY SHOES Shampoos, conditioners, and body washes: Like the face washes mentioned above, you will find a plethora of shampoos, conditioners and body washes in Korea. Don’t pack too much extra contact solution as you can find common name brands at many drug stores.

Winters in Korea can get pretty cold with temperatures going down to approximately -20°C in the mountain areas. Especially when moving to Korea, there are many items you may not realise will be readily available. 21. 15. You usually get one 50 Lbs. Bed linen. Korean sizes tend to be smaller than the average Westerner, so pack your shoes! Most of your dressy clothes

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