I plan to put them in a outside aviary this summer since they love it outside. When I take out the nests to stop my female from constantly laying she takes over the food dishes. One side of his wings has been clipped so he more or less hops and flutters around not getting air bound. They often do start quite early; removing the male will not likely stop her. Best to supply a few extra nest bowls/houses, and plenty of excess nesting material, and keep an eye on them. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. I don’t want him to get sick from not eating right. best regards, frank. Zebra finches can lay a maximum of eight eggs, but usually have 2 to 5 eggs in their nests. Youngsters under 5-6 weeks of age are impossible to sex visually (please see photo of chicks). I do notice a lot of the fluffy feathers all over the floor under the cages. Question: One of my zebra finches poop has changed. Always remember when zebra finch breeding, remove the nest after the birds start feeding on their own, unless, you want another clutch. I really love your website. Adult males sport black bars on the breast and bright orange cheek-patches, both of which are absent in females (please see photo of female with chicks). (With other species, such as parrots, it is important to handle and hand-feed young birds to begin their socialization process.) [1] X Research source A solid bottom to the cage is important because finches like to feed on the floor. My mother went on to become a serious naturalist, and has helped thousands learn about wildlife in her 16 years as a volunteer at the Bronx Zoo. Zebra finches are generally hands-off birds for humans; however, they are social with other members of their species. If I do this what happens to the ones that have paired up? Get your free mini-course on how to have the healthiest and happiest finch around. One pair has 5 eggs in their nest and the other nesting bowls are empty and only used at this point for sleep. Do I have to separate all the birds into males in one cage and females in the other?? She really must have been stressed in the other cage. Can I allow a male and female of the same clutch to mate? Commonly used vegetables are parsley, broccoli, celery, turnip greens, and spinach. Zebra finch breeding is quite simple from making sure the environment is comfortable and safe enough for the birds, to their proper diet. One is a white male, with just a hint of grey, almost smokey tint to the tips of his wings. The birds will leave their nest for the first time when they are 3 weeks old and will feed themselves in about 4 weeks. Go to any Pet Shop and you can buy a pair of Zebras, but there is no information available about the HISTORY of the birds. Thanks… looking forward to your input as usual. You can breed Zebra Finches communally in an outdoor aviary, but do not keep more than a single nesting pair in an indoor cage. It is best to leave the hen alone during this time and minimize noise and activity in her environment. The sex of normally-colored Zebra Finches is easy to determine. This is especially true for a breeding pair. The average zebra finch can lay up to eight eggs in a single clutch, with the average being between three and six eggs. Since your finches are caged, and cannot go out to look for materials to use in building their nest, you should provide them with materials such as, burlap and feathers. Thanks a lot……………. Irresponsible breeding has left many animals homeless in shelters and rescues. The shell is extremely loaded with calcium and the higher amounts of calcium the better. The father finch will pick up pieces of string or grass and show them to the mother finch. I am wanting to introduce a second female into the habitat, but I don’t know if it would hinder the friendship among the two finches. I plan on keeping the white male. Do I have to take away the millet to get him interested in his other food?? Donna, No way to judge fertility now, best to leave them be, disturb as little as possible. I grew up with over a hundred budgies since my parents were breeders so I did learn quite a bit. this morning she was back to her perky self singing and jumping all over the cage and eating up a storm. Please keep me posted, Frank. They are native to Australia’s hot, dry grasslands and have evolved the ability to reproduce whenever ideal conditions (i.e. Your vet should be able to run fecal tests and provide treatment..let me know if you need more info, best, Frank. Thank you for your quick response… One more question…..My birds seem to be missing quite a few feathers on the backs of their heads. Please let me know if you need any further information. You are a great help…. I have learned many valuable tips. For business purpose what type of breeding system of Zebra Finch is more active and productive between cage breeding and colony breeding? My mother had two male finches and one just had an untimely death from her cat. Zebra finch eggs begin to hatch within 12 to 15 days after the hen starts sitting on them. Good Morning Frank Male zebra finches will mate with multiple females and if there are not too many extra females the young will usually get enough food. My mother and grandmother somehow found ways to cope with the skunks, flying squirrels, octopus, caimans and countless other odd creatures that routinely arrived un-announced at our front door. Thank you. The Zebra finch is the most prolific breeder of all species of birds. Lovebird Breeding Problems: Cautions for Small Parrot Breeders, Breeding Lovebirds in Captivity: an Introduction, The Red-Vented Bulbul – an Ideal Softbill or Non-Typical Cage Bird, Canaries in the Spring – Frequently Asked Questions on Breeding and Nesting, The Chinese Painted Quail (Button Quail, Blue-breasted Quail), Conturnix chinensis, and the Japanese Quail, C. japonica – Part II, Taming and Training Canaries and Other Finches, Part I, Feeding Wild Birds during the Spring and Summer. After the last egg is laid, incubation begins. Pulling eggs usually encourages them to lay a replacement clutch; better to replace the eggs with dummy eggs sold for this purpose…pairs tend to desert dummy nests after the incubation period has passed. The babies are usually weaned between 4 to 6 weeks old. Hi I have three babies 3 months old two males one female. when I got home from work my poor girl was huddled in the bottom of the cage in the corner. They acquire their adult plumage and orange beaks by week 5-6, at which time they should be removed to a cage of their own. Society finches are difficult to sex, especially given their odd genetic history (they are a hybrid species…please see here for the story); behavior is the best guide – preening, feeding, display, “singing” – but same sex pairs will form also. Mash the entire egg: egg white, yolk, and shell. If you want another clutch, it is absolutely necessary to remove the new self-feeding finches and transfer them to another cage, otherwise they may prompt their parents to chase them and pluck their feathers because they are interfering with the next clutch. Thanks. in Baby Birds, Bird Behavior, Bird Breeding, Bird Species Profiles, Finches 40 Comments We now come to the dedicated Breeder of birds, one who is looking for a challenge. Now at about 8 weeks the female has laid an egg. Nest Building. Good to hear…your keet experience will serve you well with finches I’m sure. best, frank, I appreciate you effort the answer every single question. Unlike most birds, Zebra Finches that that are always supplied with ample food and nesting sites may breed year-round, producing 6 or more clutches (this is a drain on the hen, however- please see below). The one cage has three paired up birds with one extra female. What’s more, they are wonderful parents and their courtship rituals and care of the young are a joy to observe. While Zebra Finches may reproduce and rear young when provided with a seed-only diet, breeders are best given fresh sprouts, small live or canned insects and egg food in addition to a high-quality basic seed mix.

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