In contrast, fries at restaurants are typically deep-fried — which nearly doubles the calorie content. Sweet potato fries are slightly higher in calories than French fries which makes them less desirable for those trying to limit calorie intake. Eat Healthy on a Budget – Explained in 60 Seconds, Healthy Breakfast – Explained in 60 Seconds, Calorie Counting – Advice from a Nutritionist with a Quiz, World Class Cyclists & Special Diets – Chris Froome. If you want to enjoy potato that’s truly different in nutritional profile, and quite possibly healthier too, go for baked potatoes. Please try again. However, such studies are unavailable. Regularly eating French fries may increase your risk of some diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. But is cooking with an air fryer actually healthy? Which French fries are better – Deep-fried French fries or Oven-baked? This is because when you deep fry foods in oil, the high temperature involved in cooking them causes the starch in the food to convert to carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). You use less oil to make them. The best way to prep potatoes is to boil them or have them #steamed. This article explores how junk food affects your…. If you are looking to reduce your risk of heart disease, the recommended number is actually 7%. We just need your email address to keep in touch. Fries from #fastfood restaurants have almost 4x more #calories, 2x more #carbs, and a LOT more #fat than #boiled potatoes. One is time. According to Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, the skin is a big part of the nutrients that the potato provides. The trick is to actually keep the skin on the potato when you're cutting up and making your own French fries at home. While french fries from your local burger joint are super tempting, chances are you'll cut down on the calories (and the saturated fat) when you simply roast your own fries at home. After all, fries are potatoes that have been submerged in boiling oil and coated with salt. Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links meaning that if you click on them and buy something we get a teensy commission, at no extra cost to you. You can go crazy baking flavors like garlic and Cajun seasoning into the oven-baked fries. This gives you more control over your serving size and helps limit your calorie intake. Here are 11 foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. Consuming these oils can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system and promote obesity, stroke and diabetes. Sweet potato fries are slightly higher in calories and carbs but also more nutrient dense than French fries. Sweet potato fries have a reputation for being healthier than French fries, but you may wonder whether they’re really better for you. Let’s look at both side by side. All rights reserved. Does that mean you can make fries out […]. To give you an insight, here are the calorie counts of some baked and fried dishes. Two issues that have made news headlines over the past few decades are trans fat and acrylamide in fries. Hash browns are nothing more than breakfast French fries, all smooshed together into a cluster. Overall, they carry more essential micronutrients at a similar calorie count of about 80 kcal. Surprisingly, they don't have the highest #glycemicindex because the added fat slows down digestion of carbohydrates. To make both types of French fries the basic steps are the same. Replies to my comments Exposure to high levels of these carcinogens can lead to heart diseases and cancer. To make the best choice, it would be ideal to have studies that directly compare the health effects of sweet potato and French fries when eaten in the same quantities. Another is how healthy you want the fries to be. Fries can easily increase that amount in one sitting, so make sure to portion them out carefully. You use less oil to make them. You can even season with herbs like rosemary and cut down on the overall salt content by simply sprinkling it on yourself. Common sense dictates that a baked potato is healthier than a bunch of French fries. Sweet potato fries are a bit higher in calories and carbs than French fries. In a large observational study, people who ate 4 or more servings of French fries per week had a 17% higher risk of high blood pressure, compared to people who ate fewer than one serving per month (35). Acrylamide, for example, which is formed when starchy foods are fried as a result of a reaction between the amino acid asparagine and certain sugars. Not afraid to try something different with food, her goal is to seduce you with food.Trust me you will be seduced by some of her recipes she creates and will want to make them over and over again. This article reviews the nutrition of sweet potato and French fries, as well as their potential health effects. In observational studies, higher intake of French fries is linked to an increased risk of weight gain and obesity (23, 24). Sign up and get our free Air Fryer Appetizers Ebook today! ), drizzle in olive oil, and roast in the oven. Most nutritionists will recommend the oven-baked option because they do not use as much oil as the deep-fried kind. One study associated an additional daily serving of French fries with gaining 3.35 pounds (1.5 kg) over a four-year period (25). Then the last thing you have to consider is texture – do you like the softer texture or a crunchy texture French fry? Baked potatoes are also less palatable than fries for most people so it’s easier to avoid overeating. Potatoes can help control your cholesterol levels with soluble fiber. Thanks so much for subscribing to The Cookful! Cycling and Visibility: Death Is Lurking in the Dark. Let’s see what happens when you fry both types of potato. You can also subscribe without commenting. Taking in too much saturated fat can raise your "bad" LDL cholesterol levels and can potentially lead to heart disease and stroke. 13 cooking hacks to make your foods healthier. Does that mean you can make fries out of them that would be healthy or, at least, healthier than regular French fries? Can cause damage to heart, kidneys and lungs. If you're snagging a bag of fries that have been heavily fried in oil, they are likely dripping in saturated fats. In an observational study, people who reported eating 3 or more servings of French fries per week had a 19% higher risk of type 2 diabetes, regardless of their body weight (30). © 2020 Galvanized Media. Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a staple food in many households. These observational studies don’t prove that French fries were what really contributed to weight gain or food addiction, but they do suggest that it may be wise to limit your intake. All How you prepare your food matters! However, there are a few other factors you need to ask yourself when it comes to Deep-fried French Fries and Oven-baked French Fries. Plus, it only contains 110 calories and 26 grams of complex carbohydrates—the kind of carbohydrates you want in your diet. It’s possible that the lack of studies and evidence on the health risks of sweet potato fries comes from people not eating as many sweet potato fries as French fries.

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