I am putting this as a pre-Session #4 activity. I think the responses here are very appropriate. Computer Science is an area of study within the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This Scratch curriculum guide provides an introduction to creative computing with Scratch, using a design-based learning approach. Thanks for encouraging kids to be creative. Thanks for the curriculum. I showed them that Harvard has their CS50 class that uses Scratch for the first program. He actually took apart old drives and passed them around the room. Please continue to add any comments, questions and suggestions you have for the guide there. We started with 17 students and today (our 4th meeting) I expect 30! Passing this along to my colleague, who will be pitching an idea for a research study teaching Scratch to community college students! Google-funded 2009-2011 Creative Computing workshops, NSF-funded ScratchEd workshops and meetups, Portuguese Translation (by Teresa Marques), French Translation (by Denis Guillemenot), Chinese Translation (by Hsinmei Lin and Christopher Clark), scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/scratch-draft-curriculum-traditional-chinese-translation, http://scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/dutch-translation-handouts-scratch-curriculum-guide, http://scratched.media.mit.edu/stories/new-features-scratched-website-relaunch, http://scratched.media.mit.edu/discussions/curriculum-guide-draft/scratch-curriculum-guide-draft-feedback, http://www.youtube.com/user/ScratchEdTeam, http://scratched.media.mit.edu/node/10945, http://scratch.mit.edu/users/showgalleries/954277. Thanks everyone for all of the feedback you've shared so far! The guide is organized as a series of twenty 60-minute sessions, and includes session plans, handouts, projects, and videos. It is very usefull for me. Lessons plans. This guide looks fantastic! We've created a new discussion topic in the forums called Scratch Curriculum Guide Draft Feedback as a central space for people to post and read feedback about the guide. GRE Subject: Not accepted, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center When I was talking to him about the one thing he had learned in this project and expected to hear him talk about importing his drawing, he was only interested in talking about how this was the first time he was writing the scripts and was having so much fun with it! Please let us know how it goes. %PDF-1.3 Prospective students apply through GSAS; in the online application, select “Engineering and Applied Sciences” as your program choice and select "PhD Computer Science" in … ,�,{�?2��6�:a઩/�ĥ/�⑿����Ќ�{�j�XkH��'Ilkw�'r�3or������3�ͱ߶=jb��Ǡ�`��6G�zp��h��vw��oB In my classes, it is important for me to recognize each student's achievement. \1��ح8��w�N� ^��.C��o�e��Oڻ�M��2���#Gal����!��N����ਆ�ɶ!�L������1���������^��*�������mƖ����D��(�h�_F{�_$���">sS��ѡ��(%�L�ۏbӉ���]�f\�Utŗ�.i_E�|A\hiۆ�݃\P�WƵ�r������S�Vu��DI���$��n���6��^�� (I tossed together one, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/MUHStigers/2060507 , though I'd sure like some others to show the kids. We talked about how universities used Scratch. Its recommendations are therefore not limited to grades 9–12. I'm trying "Dance Party" now. To find them, you would google “Harvard ”. Because the students seemed to really want to be programmers, I decided to add more programming specific components. Research Challenge Award, \Public Opinion and Executive Behavior: Toward a New Pres-idency Research Agenda," New York University, 1986. An installer is the file you download to install Scratch on your computer. We were lucky enough to have a visitor who brought in hardware and talked about how memory is physically stored. I have used it in the past for capturing youtube videos to play offline. ""��y��(���3�`Q!o3�i��mǪ���'%ti�t�t7��8�6�&[1k�Ϭ&���M>u4 G��E�T�#��#���@��Q%.J��_�[�8Md� yX ����r߶N�a,=J�1|�Ԥ��/��M*{��k����c��@Ė��|5!��d�\��4�!�`��3�_�:?C�Agg{�� ��}ގ|kX����h��V�U�U'����i�� ��ʼ��+��vǖ~w:R�!�D΍�J;9u�P�IfN���;��¢*��Ơ��m�c��spɌ. Interestingly, we have this document translated into Portuguese. My vision at the time I started the translation was to get the commitment of other educators from the Spanish speaking community interested in Scratch to collaborate in translating the remaining 18 sessions. The ScratchEd Team profile on the Scratch website has created several galleries of sample projects that correspond to the curriculum guide sessions, including Dance Party. model for a computer science curriculum and its implementation at the K–12 level is a necessary first step toward reaching these goals. S���&�G|��T�j���[ s�ԣ*p2����k��3QkӺzhͺz��� ?�i]� FAX617-495-2928 Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.

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