If the fill in the cushions is loose kapok or fiberfill, remove the filler and fluff it up. I don't know if I missed it but has anyone found a solution for making seat cushions more comfy? I assume that there are zippers at the back of these cushions ,if you wrap them tightly there shouldn't be any room left inside , I agree that it might be a bit difficult to fit them in but believe me it will work ,you probably will need an extra pair of hands to help you with it .

A hard couch can become a pain in ...well.. They can re stuff them. This company does an awesome job and definitely worth the modest price they charge. I have built custom furniture for over 20 years and this is an easy fix. A couch with sagging cushions makes it look old and tired. Search for sofa cushion replacements. I've been rotating the cushions but otherwise ignoring the problem. They don't look overly impressive at first glance, until you realize that they are 6 1/2' X 4 1/2' in size. Using the mattress from sleeper sofas is too soft.

Once a year, I also wash the frame covers. Remove the cushions from their covers by unzipping them at the back and pulling the cushion away from the cover. Try to sit on all cushions equally so they break-in at the same rate, otherwise one will become super soft and the others will still be firm.

Yea!!! - concerns the zippers.

. This is the best way to make your sofa more comfortable on a budget! (Someone suggested this as a way to even out the wear on the cushions, a good idea.).

I bought two leather settees on craigslist .

I'm also going to try putting a thinner and softer foam in one seat cushion and see how that works. It didn't cost very much (bought it on sale).

You can easily change this by taking it to an upholsterer and they can have your cushions adjusted to the way you want them to feel. drdeb lol did not look at the dates, but by now there must be a clear winner, sofa or owner! Each cushion was about $55. He even slept there .Now the center cushion that bore the brunt of his weight ,is now perfectly cushy and comfortable .

My sofa cushions are too soft. They look like you'd sink in but cushions are uncomfortably firm .Luckily there are zippers and it's very good leather so I'm looking for a solution ,also,hopefully something I can do myself. We went with HD high quality foam with a Dacron wrap. .

Wait a little is good advice, yet I want to add don’t wait too long!! Couch cushions that are too soft can make your sofa uncomfortable. I even developed sciatica from sitting on it.... so dangerous to fall for good looks lol. If you call pottery barn they can give you the part numbers and send you the cushions. If not enough, remove 1 layer of poly, assuming the poly is no thicker than 1/2" and there are several layers.

That's enough to keep them looking fairly good (perfect isn't my goal, with cats and a child).

It was so hard it was like sitting on cement when we got them home! Sagging cushions may not be the fault of the cushions, but rather the fault of sagging springs in the deck of the couch. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search Pull the lumps apart and remove any debris.

I'll always buy a slipcovered sofa.

Besides that, it is not pleasant trying to get up from a couch when your knees are higher than the cushions. If I were a bit more computer savy, I would post a picture.

It's worn out and no longer provides the support as new. More expensive than doing it yourself, but an option. Unfortunately, this is the doorway that leads into my dining room. Good news is that they are now becoming softer and more cushiony.

Either time has softened them some, or I have just accepted them. I have a 7 month old duo lazyboy chair. Remove one of the white foam layers on one side and replace with 2 or 3 layers of poly. Where can you buy fiber fill to firm up couch cushions? Bryan, I still haven't fixed them! Otherwise put a 2x4 on it and have the kids stand on it and cut with razor.

Changing the filler to all foam may be the solution if you need firmer cushions. I recently had my couch cushions replaced at an upholsterer and boy did we choose the wrong fill!! Good luck! Replacements through Laz-y-boy were over $300 each. And maybe give them a few months before rushing out to replace them. Thank you!

Could some batting be added to the cushion to give it a softer feel? Hey Jazznana is there an update after changing the foam?

Place it in the center foam and then place the larger ones over it.

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