When Dinah commits suicide, Bailey moves in with Karen and her children. The first character to be introduced in 2020 is the son of Sheree Trueman (Suzette Llewellyn), Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula). [47] Kheerat reveals that Ash had an abortion years ago, disapproving of her actions and accusing her of "murdering her own baby". Brooke and Bernadette bond over their interest in the same band, and afterwards, Bernadette's friend, Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) gets Brooke's phone number and gives it to Bernadette. Speaking recently, EastEnders' executive producer Jon Sen warned that Vinny has "the shortest fuse in history". Jaz recently said: "I'm very proud and excited to be joining such an iconic show and bringing to life a character that is a reflection of the cultural background that I and many others come from in today's modern Britain. [16] To portray the scenes with "sentiment", Paris recalled her own experiences from the death of her brother, who was shot eighteen years previously. Speaking recently about joining EastEnders, he said: "My younger self would never have believed I'd be on EastEnders. Episode Count One of Them: From Albert Square to Parliament Square by Michael Cashman, EastEnders: Christmas Specials collection, The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End by Danny Dyer, All of Me: My Extraordinary Life by Barbara Windsor, There's No Taste Like Home by John Partridge, EastEnders: Iconic Exits collection - part 2, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. [3] The character is billed as a "fiercely confident" and "bold" teacher who "won't be afraid to leave his mark on the soap". She hits him over the head and then Mitch arrives, telling Bailey to keep quiet but she says she is bored so he says he will get her a football to play with. [10] Bowden looked forward to portraying the story and called Ayling-Ellis "epic". She later witnesses Honey throw Adam out, who is revealed to have known about her eating disorder but didn't care. [35] Executive producer Jon Sen also added "Bianca's return sparks a gripping new story with the arrival of Leo King – a dark and misguided figure who has grown up with the stigma of being the son of a convicted paedophile. The family is described as a British Asian family of Punjabi Sikh heritage. Habiba is shocked at this, and confronts Iqra, who reveals that she is a lesbian. He suspects she is having an affair with her friend and boss at her secondary job, Kheerat Panesar and he starts to watch them in the car. Sheree Trueman, played by Suzette Llewellyn, is the third wife of Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker). An employee of Go-Cater London who is covering the Walford East restaurant until the new owners can take over, however, A customer of Maximum Motors who tries to get a discount on a car but. Rickaaaaaaaay. We are thrilled to welcome Tom to the Square, knowing he will bring depth and complexity to the role of Leo, a man who believes his father has been wronged and who will also go to great lengths to prove it". He apologises for disagreeing with her abortion, but upon discovering Ash's girlfriend, Iqra Ahmed (Priya Davdra), is a Muslim, he expresses more disapproval with Ash. He also finds out she is divorcing him when a divorce lawyer advert pops up on his computer after Chantelle met up with one, according to a tracker app he installed on her phone. Viewers will be aware that Suki Panesar has been lying about having cancer since she arrived in Walford, but the family have only just found out about the revelation. It's pretty amazing to be part of one of the most iconic television shows alongside some of the best actors in the business. Show bosses have billed Jags as a "try-hard", who has always struggled in the shadow of his older brother Kheerat. [9] The character and Ayling-Ellis' casting details were announced on 23 February 2020. While he's gone, Chantelle calls Kheerat to ask for help, being after Gray threatens to make her leave a message saying she wants to stay with her husband. He's also idolised by his younger brother Jags. [19] The role marks the first time Paris has portrayed a villain. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Suki purchases the local corner shop, the Minute Mart. Karen decides to take Bailey on a family trip to Walford Park, but Dinah decides to stay at home and says her last goodbye to Bailey. Shyanna explains that Dinah can only speak through her and says that Dinah is sorry for how she died and is free of her struggles. [6] Sopal expressed her delight at joining the soap and deemed the role "a dream come true". [34], Leo King, played by Tom Wells, makes his first appearance on 3 September 2019. She spots Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) and begin an affair while he is in a relationship with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton). Middle brother Jags, 27, has the honour of being the first Panesar to appear on the show (albeit only by a few minutes), paying a visit to Ben at the car lot in Friday night's episode. [42][43] On 26 September 2020, it was announced that Adatia would be departing from his role as Jags as part of a "dark storyline". He added: "I make films, so I've held out on my newest film until I finished at EastEnders because it's difficult to promote it whilst filming at the same time and with the pandemic everything has been pushed back timings wise. "To be part of that next generation of people representing my identity is a blessing. "[32] Initially only hired as a guest star during the summer of 2019, Garcha's contract was upgraded for her to become a series regular.

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