Robert’s Recipes, Tips for working with Modelling Chocolate, Robert's Cakes and Cooking, My Perth royal show cake from September. Weigh the white compound chocolate out in grams. In extreme humidity, modelling chocolate can sweat and get sticky,  dust your hands and the chocolate with cornflour to stop it sticking while working with it. To help you resolve this problem I have a few questions. I can only estimate on the number of cakesicles you’d get out of a larger mold but I think estimating 36 from one 9″X13″ cake sounds pretty good. Great layered like a parfait then frozen. Crafted in popsicle molds, cakesicles are an easy-to-make version of the ever-popular treat with a chocolate shell surrounding a blend of cake and frosting. DO NOT RUSH THIS! And now I have a very important for me order and suddenly my fondant on top of ganache started to melt!! The colour darkens up further after a few minutes resting. Transfer the mixture to a large ziplock bag or two and press flat to fill the bag. If you go and watch the video I made for my Unicorn Cakesicles you will see that I push cake ball filling under the stick. Fruit puree reductions, mocha paste (instant coffee can be mixed with a small amount of water), praline or caramel can be added for different flavors. Experiment, keep notes and find what works for you. The picture above shows the full amount of frosting and a whole cake. To thaw the cakesicles, remove the box and remove the zip-top bag. Add the butter pieces and mix all together. 400g of cream to 1200 chock and the same amount of butter or should I eliminate the butter? You can find Korean corn syrup at most local Asian grocers for a lot less, and nearly every Korean grocer will have it. The writing on the banner on the Tigger cake to the right is made with Windsor Clickstix. Pour white compound only in the written inscription. Chill for about 2 minutes until the candy layer hardens. Corn syrup can be hard to get hold of in some countries. I use Crisco or Paramount Crystals to thin them for the right consistency of my candy melts. Now that your chocolate is tempered you can use it to make chocolate spheres using a chocolate sphere mold, piped chocolate decorations and lots of other fun things! If your answer is no. Looking for white chocolate recipes? 2. You can use dark or milk chocolate as well, just be sure you temper the chocolate if you are using pure chocolate (made with cocoa butter). i have a question? This recipe will make about 48 cakesicles with 1/2 ounce of filling in each. Ratios to use for different kinds of modelling chocolate. Place 12 oz of semi-sweet chocolate into your plastic or silicone bowl and microwave for 30 seconds on high, then stir. Heat until about 75% of the white chocolate is melted. Ideally, use the residual heat from each interval in the microwave to melt the chocolate by stirring it. Repeat, creating all the candy shells in the 4-cavity mold.*. set aside to firm up and test for texture, repeat if needed. Recently I’ve started to work in a hot and very humid climate. Modelling chocolate on its own has no stretch, so cakes need to be covered using the paneling method. You can even add sprinkles. This is by far the best chocolate chip recipe I have found - everyone asks for the recipe. Prepare rings, not into each other, on top of each other / place a plastic sheet on board, follow with rings and the plastic stripe in the ring. So I have a few questions and I hope you might be so kind and answer me: This is a little bit more expensive but pretty much full-proof when it comes to tempering. I love the taste! Surfaces can be shaved down, built up and smoothed with your hands or very basic tools, once the surface is near smooth it can be further smoothed further with a little water and pressure or by applying heat with your hands or by passing a mini blowtorch over the surface a few times quickly, then using hands or tools to finish smoothing. *this list contains affiliate links*. I’ve found it’s easier not to use expensive couverture chocolate, a good white compound chocolate works best for texture and still tastes pretty good. Garnish with white chocolate curls if desired. The recipe I use is a simple ratio of 4.5:1 by weight of white compound chocolate to light corn syrup. I used a chocolate cake mix and added milk, eggs, sour cream, and instant chocolate pudding mix. But the person I’m making the cake for doesn’t like the taste of fondant. Large or small, these triple chocolate cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s best to allow the residual heat of the melted candy to melt the remaining wafers so that the candy does not get too hot. Place the chocolates on a double boiler or microwave safe bowl and melt the chocolate. Be careful not to leave the piece in the fridge/freezer to get too cold as you’re working or it might start to sweat and will become sticky. I have a question. For element’s that where flavour is more important I used to mix the Nestle and Cadbury together, the flavour was better and the texture was all right, and can be further corrected with a drop of water. It won’t look pretty, but it will be on the inside of your cakesicle so no one will ever see it. This liquor is divided into two parts: cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Please watch these three video and we talk about again. Good luck Helga. Scrape the syrup into the melted chocolate and gently, but thoroughly fold through using a spatula. Chill for about 2 minutes just until the chocolate hardens. Count the days based on when your cake was baked. A sweet and buttery white chocolate compound that is rich in taste and texture, with subtle hints of vanilla and caramel.

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