Grizzly, the Red Star Beast is only available through Synchro Summoning. But the opposite is true; lots of players actively seek out misprints! Free shipping. Currently, Grizzly The Red Star Beast is on sale for an asking price of 31,888 dollars on eBay. Vinyl Figures Are Exclusives, The Most Valuable Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Ever Made, Make Some Room For The Biggest LEGO Sets Ever Sold, See all 14 posts The prize for the World Championship Series in 2006, this card earns its price by being a card handed out only to winners of the tournament. The value of the card skyrocketed when it became the centerpiece of many elite Yu-Gi-Oh! Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier AP08-EN001 Astral Pack Eight (Ultimate Rare) $162.07. What's it worth? Like any trading card series, Yu-Gi-Oh has a few rare cards, worth thousands of dollars a piece. Usually if the errors are caught before the card are distributed, they get destroyed but sometimes they manage to slip through before they are discovered. cards of all time. Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Similar to many other cards, it will grant its owner an automatic victory when it scores an LP draining direct hit on an opponent. Eduardo Luquin has been a geek for most of his life and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Frequently adorning advertisements, merchandise, and other things related to the show and card game. If you want to lose an hour or two, begin exploring the ways in which you might be able to nail down your card’s worth. has fared in comparison to other collectible card games like Pokémon, Magic: the Gathering, Naruto, VS System and, of course, Duel Masters. Players create decks filled with Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards and battle their opponents, though sadly without all the cool holographic technology. Although the card was reprinted in 2015, an original Ultra Rare-version of Minerva can fetch up to 2300 USD on online auctions. 10 Dream Duels We Wish We Saw. This card just might be the perfect addition to the deck of any "King of Games.". In a follow-up article, I'll return to discuss a breakdown of how Yu-Gi-Oh! This super rare card was one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Though it was reprinted and that version is significantly cheaper and more common, a nearly mint version of the original print will cost you up to $2500! We searched the Internet's most popular online marketplaces to find what the most expensive Department 56 collectibles are worth today. In the official tournaments, a duel is considered a single game, a match, however, is considered the best out of three duels. Here, once again, only 20 copies of this card are known to exist and it also has ties to the 2005 Pharaoh Tour (which took place in five countries). The card's value, which currently sits around $2,400, has only increased through its exposure. The card game that most fans of the series are familiar with came with the introduction of Yugi's rival, Seto Kaiba. This super rare card was one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It's illegal for use in tournaments and official Duels, which is indicated by an explicitly written statement in the lower lefthand corner. Already making it available to a select few, the fact that it made headlines when it was originally posted for more than a million dollars probably only adds to its rarity. It was awarded during the 1999 Yu-Gi-Oh! Here, it’s more the playability of a Lightsworn and the release of support cards that have brought this one back to the forefront of play and collectability. This incredibly rare card is currently unavailable from even the most specially targeted marketplaces, including Troll and Toad - but the last known selling price was $2100, so scarcity isn't the only thing that stands between most players and adding this monster to their collection! What began in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine (between September 1996 and March 2004) grew into two anime adaptations (one by Toei Animation and one by NAS). It contains the G6-01 code, which sets it apart from others.

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